How to Customize your Twitch Channel


Being here means you are a content creator or a streamer interested in learning how to customize your channel. We will share a lot of content regarding this to enable you to have more than enough insight. You need to be familiar with a few terms: Twitch emotes, custom Twitch alerts, custom Twitch panels, your custom Twitch overlay, and many others. 

It can be tricky navigating through Twitch as a beginner. The good thing to note is that you learn in the process. 

Important things to know about the Twitch Channel

As a new Twitch streamer, it is essential to gauge yourself with the basics before anything else. It can be difficult for a beginner but certainly doable with the necessary basics.  Learning to customize your channel comes later after you have learned most of what the channel is about and how it operates. Understand these few basics.

Custom Twitch Emotes

Uploading your content on Twitch is only possible if you have met the channel’s affiliate and partner streamers. You need to have met their standards. 

  • While the Twitch Emotes are exclusive, all Twitch users can use a Custom Twitch Overlay, Custom Twitch Panels, and Custom Twitch alerts to upload content. 
  • While so many ways are available to upload content on Twitch, you need to work with the one that best suits you and your content. You can use special software or known Apps, Twitch App and Twitch Studio. 

Steps to Customizing your Twitch Channel

Step 1

A Twitch channel is a profile or platform that allows anyone who has followed you to tune in and watch your live streaming. You can customize the channel by adding panels, a twitch banner, and a few other things. You may decide to use a Twitch logo to give your channel a unique brand and exclude it from other Twitch channels. 

Step 2

There is an About tab that helps you view your Twitch panels. The next step is to click on it. There are none available, which means that it is your work to add the panels. You may add images, text, or dynamic content such as panel extensions. 

The extensions allow displaying content such as your Twitter timeline activity and your recent data stream. 

You can edit your panel by clicking on the edit panel, where you can add or remove panels. 

Step 3

This step allows you to customize your Twitch profile image. It makes it better to have an image presenting who you are than to leave it blank. Images can either be a custom twitch logo or a photo illustrating your channel. 

To edit your image, go to the creator dashboard, settings, and channel. Click on brand right after, where you can edit or update your Twitch profile image. 

This space also allows you to customize your profile accent color. It makes more sense to choose a color that resonates with your branding. There is an option for dark or light themes available. 

Step 4

Go back to the Brand section on your profile and update your Twitch Channel banner. Having a Twitch banner is an excellent idea for your channel. There is, however, a provision for an essential background accompanied by your username. You can use this background and a custom image of your choice. 

Upload from your computer and save whatever image you are comfortable with. 

Step 5

From the Brand section again, go down further. This will enable you to do customization to your video player banner. You can upload the video of your choice from your computer, the same way you uploaded the custom image for your channel previously. 


To correctly customize a social media channel your own, you need to be well conversant with its basics. For example, it is essential to know what twitch is, how it works, and your contribution to that social media platform.

After learning the basics, you can take time to visit the best profiles of some of these social media platforms. While the essence is not to copy what they do, you can learn a thing or two about how they make their channels work for themselves and their audience. 

After learning these few fundamental basics, you can set up your own Twitch account. It is easier customizing an accounting you have some discipline with than one that is constantly neglected. The more you use your Twitch account for live streaming, the easier it becomes to customize it to your preference. 

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