The Best Way on How To Connect Wii To TV

It is really simple! Let me show you how to connect wii to tv with less than $20

How to connect wii to tv

Context on How To Connect Wii to TV

The Wii came out during an era where HDMI wasn’t the main port of connection between your devices and the TV or monitor.

I honestly was surprised today when I took out my Wii from a closet and got reminded that it didn’t have an HDMI port. I looked online for a solution since I don’t own any composite TVs or monitors.

The Solution is Wii 2 HDMI

The answer is this nice cheap piece of plastic that can convert the Wii to HDMI called, conveniently, Wii 2 HDMI

Wii 2 HDMI

Here is the link so thank me later and quickly and easily you plug your HDMI cable to this adapter and connect it to the Wii with the Wii Component side and like plug and play you are playing Wii 480p-720p on your gorgeous 4K tv or 1080p if you haven’t gone 4K.

Now this doesn’t come with 4K upscale and no VRR so you are getting still the normal Wii performance which now a days I would rather emulate on my computer or keep waiting for Nintendo to give a rats peach emoji on emulation.

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