How to be a good streamer, the SMART WAY

How to be a good streamer? Easy, but not so much!

Successfully turning his passion into a profession, the streamer has achieved it. Although the proportion of people who make a living out of it remains low, the profession of the steamer is starting to be recognized. Associated with the world of video games, streamers have multiplied in other fields, but it is in the world of gaming that they have established themselves as a profession in their own right.

What is a streamer?

A streamer is a person who broadcasts and proposes his content online, live, or in light delay in front of an audience. The name comes from streaming, which is the fact of broadcasting a stream of digital files (audio and/or video) continuously and without downloading. In the gaming world, the streamer’s content is a game that he plays in front of people (commonly called viewers). 

These are multiplayer games, known to the general public such as League of Legends, Starcraft, World of Warcraft … They generally broadcast on a platform such as TwitchTV, Youtube Gaming, SmachCast, or through a WebTV. He can also upload videos in addition to his stream.

how to be a good streamer
How to be a good streamer, the SMART WAY 4

In definition, the steamer is also a gamer. But he doesn’t just play online. He must also comment on his game or the games of other players while providing analysis and expertise on the game. In this case, the term “caster” defines them. In addition, they must be able to respond to comments or questions that viewers ask through a live chat.

In order to offer quality content, he has to prepare himself before his live show in order not to encounter any problem during its broadcasting: software configuration, sound, alerts, choosing music available for free… They need to be close to his viewers and force the streamer to take care of his image, especially on social networks where his presence is essential.

The streamers are still few to live from it. Most of them are or were professional players. A large majority of streamers are amateurs. Some streamers are also cautious about the popularity of this profession.

It is important to understand that this profession must be accompanied by a long-term vision, because the percentage of success is low: “You have to be very careful when you start in this world. You can’t just jump in and say, ‘I’ll just jump in and see what happens, and if I don’t make it, too bad’. You must always have a way out.

What are the skills to last as a streamer?

The goal of a streamer is to be able to offer quality content while building a loyal community around him. Some qualities and skills allow to favor their longevity:

  • Be passionate: the success of this job is to make people passionate, in turn, transmit their passion to an audience eager for knowledge. 
  • Be organized and rigorous: in order to keep his community, the streamer must provide quality content that is prepared in advance. He has to be prepared for technical problems during the live broadcast. An additional requirement is to be able to broadcast almost daily content to capture his audience.
  • Be entertaining: content is an important feature, but the streamer must also have a personality in order to attract new viewers. It is the person who will show through his life that will make him unique compared to other streamers. So he has to become “a brand in his own right”.
  • Be ready to invest: both personally and financially. The hours of work cannot be counted. Most of the live shows take place in the evening or on weekends so that the viewers can be present. That’s why passion is necessary in this job. Quality content also means quality equipment: microphones, second screen, software… Investing in operational and adapted equipment can be expensive. 

Future prospects and salary

The streamer’s luck is that he can easily retrain or try other jobs related to video games and streaming. I’ve tested a lot of “professions” in the industry, I went from player to coach to commentator. I was invited as an analyst”. Other “classic” jobs associated with eSports are also available: team manager, esport journalist, sponsorship manager, event project manager… 

Streamer Salary
How to be a good streamer, the SMART WAY 5

The salary is the part that everyone wonders about, especially the uninitiated. It varies a lot because there are different ways to earn money. The salary can come from the platform that pays them based on the number of viewers. Money can come directly from viewer donations. Partnerships with brands and monetization of their videos are other sources of income.

What kind of training do I need?

There is no diploma or training to become a streamer. The people who make a living from it are often video game enthusiasts and self-taught.

Nevertheless, some training can help you to acquire the skills required for a streamer. The training around the communication and marketing professionals can help you to get ahead:.

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