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Aim is the foundation of progressing in CS:GO, it’s previously something I hadn’t really taken all that seriously. Until a few weeks ago, I had literally jumped straight into games and it would typically take me 2 or 3 games to get up to speed with my teammates. In this article, I document how I improved my aim to the point I have made good plays on stream and have clipped them for my socials (JayburTV on all socials 😉 ) & have been a lot more consistent and thus winning more games. This guide isn’t solely for CS:GO, you can use this for Apex, Warzone or Valorant too. 
DISCLAIMER: This is how I improved my aim, this might help you, it might not, there are other ways documented by pros and people much better than me that may also help you. 

Crosshair & Mouse

Crosshair Assembler by Jiffycrew in Blueprints - UE4 Marketplace
Now, straight off of the bat, I may get hate for this. I believe that Crosshair & Mouse controls are purely preference driven. Things like Sensitivity,DPI,Crosshair style,colour,size etc are things that you yourself will have to work out. There is a tool on the steam workshop called Crashz Crosshair Generator. 
It is a comprehensive workshop map where it sets out the different aspects of a crosshair and enables you to customise it to your liking. There is also a wall full of Professional players crosshairs for you to try and get used to.

Warm up!

Play Valorant in Kovaak : FPSAimTrainer

I know, it’s a huge cliche, but warming up is possibly the biggest factor in my improvement. Trust me when I say this, it’s a game changer, it’s become such one that other guys I play with can tell whether I have warmed up or not. 
Now, how do I warm up? There is an abundance of videos around on YouTube to the effect of “50 kills with AK, 50 with M4 etc on Aim Botz & then Deathmatch for 2 hours”, That doesn’t work for me, in fact, I don’t touch Deathmatch full stop. The program I use isn’t on the CS:GO Workshop, it’s a program purchasable from the Steam Store called KovaaK 2.0: The Meta. 
There are set playlists to help every aspect of your aim, I use the Beginner Clicking & Beginner Tracking Playlists, altogether one cycle of each gets me nice and warmed up in about 45 minutes altogether. Things like Reflex, tracking enemies, long & short range targets, 360 degree aiming is worked on and employs a high score system to keep you engaged & if you have friends on it too, you can compare scores for bragging rights. 
Don’t get me wrong Aim Botz isn’t totally redundant for me, I use it as a way to get used to the recoil for a certain gun I’m having trouble with.

Your Gun

Nope, not a particular gun. I am talking about gun placement and the feel. So, first things first, how many times have you seen some wally aiming at someone’s knees? Aim the gun at chest height, you will neutralise your opponent faster ,this will come in handy when prefiring and peek firing. 
Also, depending on your play style, use a gun you are comfortable with. If your really good with say, a Negev or a Nova, then use it, just because it’s not the “meta” or they’re “meme guns” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them, although M4 AK and Deagle is helpful.

Avoid Tilt


Psychology: The ABCs of Angry Gamers — XONEBROS

Ahhh the good old subject of tilt, rage & general anger. Something, If you have seen my streams, I can be susceptible to. It’s a simple formula; 
Rage > Broken concentration > Aim goes to crap > You lose games. 
Honestly, if you get tilted you don’t concentrate on the subject at hand & you end up filtering that through to your teammates and then the game is a write off. Do yourself a favour, if someone rages at you, calls you something, be the bigger man (or woman… or whatever gender) & mute the idiots. CS:GO is as much a game of mental attrition than simply pointing and clicking. 

Quick tips

Rather than drone on about other things and programs, I will simply list some quick tips & hints for you to check out.
Peaking & Pre Firing – Yprac on CS:GO Workshop, honestly, very good, map specific tool for your pleasure. Not only does it have nade practice tools, it has prefiring & peaking practice tools to enable you to get that first entry kill. 
Watch Demos – Your own and from the pros on the circuit, sit with a friend and review your aim and plays and pinpoint where you went wrong. Also, take a gun you want to be proficient in & choose a pro that is a master with it & watch their demos ( eg. s1mple with an AWP)
Get a Coach – Fiverr, peopleperhour, Proguides, loads of people willing to pass on their knowledge on a 1 to 1 & more personalised basis. 
And finally, Practice,Practice,Practice! 

Author: JayburTV on all socials
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