Hades Metacritic is Off The Charts!

The video game Hades recently came out on Xbox Game Pass and it came from PC and Nintendo Switch. Hades Metacritic scores are truly representative of how good of a game it is! You are going to find out why the game is so popular with people that get to actually play it.

Hades Metacritic
Hades Metacritic

Where Can You Play It?

Now you can play Hades on anything console or PC and even on your phone with Xbox Game Pass Streaming. The video game is a bit older, but it hasn’t been until now that all console players have been able to get their hands on the game due to it being available on PC than Nintendo Switch.

What is Hades The Game?

The game revolves around Hades son being a rebellious child that wants to get out of hell and the Olimpians are helping accomplish his goal with giving him tools and tips during his journey the deeps of hell. His father Hades is a busy man and only intervenes indirectly thru his workers to stop his son from leaving hell.

You will die a lot in this game and that is not a bad thing. The game is made in a way that rewards you constantly for trying and it won’t be brain dead rewards though. The game will reward the higher level players accordingly with their efforts bringing forth better weapons and abilities, etc.

The story is actually pretty fleshed out with character dialogues that change with each round and make it feel like the world is actually watching your progress. The gameplay is reminisces, at least to me, of Dead Cells only that in a top down hack and slash rather than pixel art 2d side scroller style.

Hades Metacritic
Hades Metacritic

Dead Cells is Also Great!

The reason why I compare it is cause both games are not from triple AAA level budgets and they managed to bring fresh gameplay to a genre that I usually don’t bother with due to it being too simple and generic. What do you think? These two games bring something unique and fresh that makes them worthy of the praise that they are receiving?

Hades Metacritic and user ratings are in line with how good the actual game is and I invite you to check it out on Xbox Game Pass if you haven’t already. By the way you can get free Xbox Game Pass thru the Microsoft Rewards Program if you are interested just follow the link.

Hades is simple, elegant, yet messy and complex enough that it can grab the attetioiy of hardcore gamers as much as the casual ones.

Where Can I Play Hades Game?

Hades Metacritic

Xbox Game Pass is the best way to play it since it lets you play on all Xbox consoles and stream it to your mobile device or home computer.

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