Is a new Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement imminent?

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Grand Theft Auto 6, if like me you have been an utter fanboy of the GTA series for the past 20+ years you’ll know that there are strong rumblings about right now that the next installment is being announced soon. A new Grand Theft Auto game, on the next gen, with the possibilities of the hardware the next gen consoles possess, I am salivating! So, what could be included? Here’s a few options for you. 


So, the rumors circulating currently is that it will be set in Vice City. That in itself would be tremendous to revisit a brand spanking new version of a beach paradise based in Miami, but, what if Rockstar changed things up? What if they merely go elsewhere in Grand Theft Auto 6? 

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They could go multi-city ala GTA: San Andreas, where they had a state made up of Los Santos, Las Venturas & San Fierro. This could be good for a continuation of the GTA V story, but Rockstar have never done that. 

What if like in GTA V they pick Las Venturas and focus on that? Based on Las Vegas you’d have the casinos, the desert & a secret military area resembling Area 51. GTA V incorporated gambling as well as Red Dead Redemption 2, so the casinos can be done. 


This is a more tricky thing to work out. If it’s Vice City, then an 80s would be beneficial to channel that Miami Vice/ Scarface vibe, but it’s been done before … 

You could do a 90s/ early 2000s era Liberty City complete with a Soprano’s type story in Grand Theft Auto 6. Or even, the 60s in Liberty City? When the mafia and the Irish immigrant gangs ran riot. 

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All rumours however are pointing to another modern day setting, Sure, Vice City in a modern day age would open up many possibilities of maybe continuing the GTA V story with maybe a recurring character or two, speaking of which….. 

The Protagonist 

So, Rockstar have had and executed many different options before, the three character setup in GTA V complete with different side missions for each. What about the main story/conclusion setup up from Read Dead Redemption 2?

A fresh new character would be very likely along with cameos from various GTA V characters. What if say, it was a direct continuation from GTA V? For instance, Michael De Santa moves to Vice City, opens a bar and past ghosts come out of the closet? Maybe, Trevor could be the antagonist in this instance and we see a final showdown between the two old heist buddies to bring an explosive end to Grand Theft Auto 6.

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An 80s or 90s setting could have a slight side story of the creation of the Epsilon project or have various news reports on various happenings around the heists that Michael and Co pull off. 

So what will we get in Grand Theft Auto 6?

It remains to be seen whether an announcement for the next installation is near or if like we’ve seen in the past it is “fake news”. I think we are due for a brand, spanking new GTA game. The story Rockstar cultivated in Red Dead Redemption 2 was fantastic and demonstrated that they can pull off a long expansive story jam packed with action, emotion and the ability to immerse whoever is playing it into the story. Couple that with the various side missions and storylines and you have the ingredients for potentially one of the best ever stories Rockstar can make.

So, that’s my take on what could be included in Grand Theft Auto 6. All I know is that I am hopeful for the new installment, along with the success of GTA: Online, Rockstar have a potential bigger gold mine on their hands. I’ll be keeping an eye on for sure!

Are you excited for GTA VI? I am! 

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