Glimesh Tv: 24 hours post launch

Written by Germanluk

March 3, 2021

glimesh launch

Is Glimesh shaking already?

It has been a little over one day since the new streaming platform Glimesh has launched, and streamers have been able to get their first streams up and running. What unexpected obstacles has the website encountered? Is everything functioning as promised, or did the developers cut streamers short?

If you missed the news up to Glimesh launching, here is our full article on Can Glimesh Dethrone Twitch.

March 2nd

March second marked the day of the new platforms launch. Prior to Glimesh launching, the developers opened up launch day with a Q&A session, followed by several creators and behind the scenes workers giving interviews and explaining their role in the project.

During the Q&A session the developers encountered first problems. The servers were unstable, the livestream paused and crashed often, and a few times the whole website went down. According to Clone, the man behind Glimesh, the servers were “attacked”. After about 30 minutes into the one hour session, the developers ended the stream and turned towards problem solving and getting the servers back up and running.

After the pre-launch event Q&A session, stream keys were supposed to roll out and streamers should flood the platform…should. With the instability of the servers, stream keys rolled out a lot later in the day as planned. The developers were working late into the night to get the servers as stable as possible, and at the end of the day, everyone received a stream key and was able to connect to Glimesh.

For my personal opinion on the launch event, check out my YouTube video below.

March 3rd

March third was the first full day of live streams for Glimesh and I even started a short broadcast to the platform. When servers were stable, FTL worked very well and the interaction with viewers happened in real time.

The servers were a lot more stable than the day before, however the live streams do pause and crash about every five minutes. As with any alpha launches, we did expect this to happen and no matter how big the company or good the servers used, I have yet to see a launch day, where servers do not crash.

For my full thoughts on the first day, check out my YouTube video.

The Near Future

The near future will tell if Glimesh gets a real shot at becoming a streaming platform or not. The main issue currently being the unstable servers that ruin the viewer experience. However once the team gets past the issue, there are more problems at hand.

  • How is Glimesh planning on attracting viewers and streamers?
  • What is Glimesh doing to improve streamer-viewer interaction?
  • Who is paying for the service?

As of right now, the ex-Mixer community is very involved and excited about the new streaming platform, but exactly like Mixer, all viewers on the platform are streamers themselves, and not ‘real’ viewers.

What do you think is the future of the platform? The intentions of the developers are noble, but is it enough to push the platform forward?

How to stream Glimesh?

In order to watch a streamer on Glimesh simply head to and search for your streamer. In order to broadcast to Glimesh, locate the streamkey provided by Glimesh in your Glimesh profile. Plug the streamkey into OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS and hit Go Live.

Who owns Glimesh?

Glimesh is a streaming platform worked on by several creators. The idea came to life after Mixer shut down. While it is not entirely clear who owns 100% of Glimesh, the streamer Clone appears to be the owner.

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