GFuel Sparkling Hydration – Who is it for?

As of today, May 7th, G-Fuel launched their newest product called GFuel Sparkling Hydration. This is the fourth product Gamma Labs’ released under their brand G-Fuel. With this new product G-Fuel aims to cover yet another part of the hydration and energy drink market. G-Fuel first entered the space with their gaming energy drink powder called G-Fuel Energy, followed by G-Fuel Hydration, which offers similar focus and energy but without added caffeine. In 2019 G-Fuel turned their powdery energy formula into carbonated energy drinks, directly competing with Bang, Monster and other big brands in the market space. It just makes sense that Gamma Labs follows a similar route with G-Fuel Hydration, turning the powdery hydration formula into yet another carbonated drink.

How is it different?

gfuel sparkling hydration nutrition label
G-Fuel Sparkling Hydration nutrition label

Both drinks, GFuel Hydration Formula as well as GFuel Sparkling Hydration, have almost identical nutrition labels, meaning they aim to serve the same purpose. G-Fuel’s hydration drinks are designed to be consumed at any time of the day to hydrate and replenish some electrolytes.

gfuel hydration formula nutrition label
G-Fuel Hydration Formula nutrition label

While the differences in amounts are insignificant to the end consumer, one ingredient almost goes unnoticed, L-Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine is an amino acid associated with increasing focus and decreasing mental stress. While the low dosage of L-Tyrosine in the hydration formula leaves the questions unanswered ‘Does it even do anything?’, it is important to point out G-Fuel does not disclose how much L-Tyrosine the consumer gets within a single bottle.

Which brands compete with the new product?

While the word ‘hydration’ suggests Gatorade as a direct competitor, the nutrition label argues differently. Gatorade is made specifically for athletes or consumers who deplete their electrolytes fast and need to replenish. Out of G-Fuel’s product line the powdery hydration formula comes closes to compete with Gatorade, however their new sparkling water line is missing the key ingredient, Sodium.

A better product to compare GFuel Sparkling Hydration too is Sparkling Ice. The company was founded in 1992 and offers carbonated water based drinks that are aimed to hydrate the consumer and provide a refreshing experience.

sparkling ice nutrition label
Sparkling Ice nutrition label

Who is GFuel Sparkling Hydration for?

As of right now G-Fuel’s new product can be pre-ordered on their website. The product is set to ship out in June 2021, but who is this new sparkling water for?

Taking a look at the nutrition label makes it clear that G-Fuel aims to cater to the broad masses rather than to a specific niche or group of consumers. Every ingredient is so under dosed that there almost is no real benefit to GFuel Sparkling Hydration.

There is the potential that G-Fuel tried to elbow their way into stores, for example gas station and supermarkets with this ready-to-drink bottle. We saw this happening with G-Fuel’s cans. It is a lot easier to sell consumer ready-to-drink products rather than powders which the consumer has to mix him or herself.

At the end of the day GFuel Sparkling Hydration is another luxury product trying to make staying hydrated more fun.

G-Fuel Hydration vs G-Fuel Energy

If you want to learn more about the differences between G-Fuel’s hydration and G-Fuel’s energy formula this article and video will answer all your questions. G-Fuel Hydration vs G-Fuel Energy

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