Get your hands on the elusive 3060 ti – now in stock!

Get Your Hands on the Elusive 3060 Ti – Now in Stock!

The graphics card market has been a hot topic of discussion in recent times due to the shortage of supply and the high demand from gamers and crypto miners alike. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti has been one of the most elusive graphics cards to find in the market, which caused distress to many gaming aficionados. However, the scenario has changed now, and the 3060 Ti is in stock in many storefronts. If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming rig, then now is the time to pounce on this opportunity and get your hands on this elusive GPU. In this article, we will discuss the 3060 Ti, its capabilities, the reasons for its unavailability, and where you can purchase one right now.

What is the 3060 Ti, and Why is it So Desirable?

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is the latest offering from NVIDIA’s 30-series lineup. This graphics card has caught the attention of gamers due to its powerful Ampere architecture, 8GB GDDR6 memory, and the ability to deliver smooth gameplay at QHD (1440p) resolution. The impressive performance it offers, coupled with its affordable price point, makes it an ideal choice for gamers looking to upgrade their system.

Why has the 3060 Ti Been so Difficult to Find?

The pandemic has caused a significant impact on the production and supply of electronic components, leading to the unavailability of graphics cards. Additionally, the high demand for gaming and mining purposes has led to the scarcity of the 3060 Ti. Many graphics cards vendors are limiting purchases per person to avoid bulk buys and to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to get their hands on this elusive GPU.

Where Can You Find the 3060 Ti Right Now?

The 3060 Ti is finally in stock in many storefronts, both online and offline. Head over to popular retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Micro Center, or Newegg to check if they have it in stock. Additionally, you can also check your local computer hardware store or the specific brand’s website for the nearest reseller. Be sure to act fast as the stock can run out very quickly.

What Makes the 3060 Ti A Great Investment for Gamers?

The 3060 Ti offers impressive performance for its price range, making it a great investment for gamers looking for a budget-friendly option. It has a Base clock of 1.41 GHz, a Boost clock of 1.67 GHz, and a CUDA core count of 4864, making it perfect for playing AAA titles at 1440p resolution with high frame rates. Moreover, it offers support for real-time ray tracing and DLSS, ensuring that games look better than ever before.


The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is a powerful graphics card that offers great performance for its price point. Despite the initial scarcity of the GPU, it is now readily available in many storefronts. If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming rig to play AAA titles at high frame rates, then the 3060 Ti is an excellent investment. Be sure to act fast as the stock can run out quickly.


1. Is the 3060 Ti better than the 2060 Super?
Yes, the 3060 Ti outperforms the 2060 Super, especially in ray tracing and DLSS performance.

2. Is the 3060 Ti good for streaming?
Yes, the 3060 Ti is more than capable of handling streaming tasks, thanks to its powerful Ampere architecture.

3. Can the 3060 Ti run games at 4K resolution?
While the 3060 Ti can run games at 4K resolution, it is not ideal for this purpose. It is better suited for QHD (1440p) gaming.

4. What is the maximum number of monitors the 3060 Ti can support?
The 3060 Ti can support up to four monitors simultaneously.

5. Does the 3060 Ti support PCIe 4.0?
No, the 3060 Ti does not support PCIe 4.0. It uses PCIe 3.0.

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