Get Monetized TODAY – YouTube Monetization In 2022

The first step of being a YouTuber is usually to create a YouTube channel and figure out what content you want to put out. The second step of being a full fleshed YouTuber and starting to be respected by your friends and family again is YouTube monetization. YouTube monetization is when advertisement is run on your videos. YouTube makes almost all their money through ads. Companies can purchase virtual ad space from YouTube. YouTube pays a small fraction of that revenue down to the creator for allowing ads on their videos. Currently, at time of writing this article, a creator needs to have at least 1000 subscribers to their channel and have accumulated 4000 watch hours within a 365 day window.
But how exactly do you grow to 1000 subscribers? There is a ton of information out there on things you can do BUT I bet you have not heard of these three tips!


The first point is research. It is boring but it is necessary. Consume all the information that is out there. It is free and you can simply follow other YouTubers tips. What the research portion teaches you however is to understand your YouTube analytics and this is a crucial later down the line. 

YouTube analytics is a tab that can be found in your YouTube studio. What this tab does is provide you with the information of how many people have seen your video, how many then clicked the video and when everyone clicked off again. Once you understand these statistics, you are able to adjust your thumbnail so that more people will click and see the video. If a lot of people, for example, click off after 10-15 seconds, your intro might be too long and the viewers do not want to wait. The analytics also tell you exactly where every single viewer came from. Did they find the video through the search bar or did they find your instagram profile and got linked back to YouTube. It is important to understand where the audience is coming from, so you can double down on the areas that work, and improve areas that are weaker. 

Understanding your YouTube analytics will allow you to take luck out of the equation. You can manipulate everything exactly the way you like it and speed up your growth.

Buying Views

At some point when searching for tips and tricks you will get ads for buying views. There are numerous companies that offer to make your video go viral, one that I experimented with was Sprizzy. You pay the company money and they offer you views in return. This might seem helpful in jump starting your journey, and that is exactly what I thought when creating my first video, however if it sounds too good to be true, it often is.

Paying Sprizzy $50 got me 1500 views on my video, which is incredibly expensive by the way, but it did not get me anything beyond that. I got zero subscribers from that, I got zero likes or comments. Within a matter of minutes I received 1500 views and not a single view after that since publishing the video. 

Buying views does not make you a successful YouTuber, and unfortunately it results in absolutely zero engagement, which can actually harm the video in the long run.
At the beginning your videos will have less views than if an established channel would post the exact same video, however over time you will build up the audience and the views.
What helped me the most at the beginning was to focus on search friendly topics. Topics I know people were looking for, but where I thought there was not a good answer to their problem yet.

A Support Group

Lastly my team helped me the most. The team of Streaming Live Academy to be exact. It helps so much to have like minded people around that are trying to achieve the same goal each in their own niches.
A support group helps to hold you accountable just like you will hold the other team members accountable. I mostly use my team as a sound board. When I have an idea I run it by them to get their opinion on it. Sometimes they tell me it is a great idea and then I run with it. Some other times they tell me what I could improve on and I might listen and change things or not. But the point is, when I have a question about keywords, a title or the thumbnail they are there, responding fast and letting me know if I am on the right track or not. 

A group like that does not need to be a fixed team that you create a product with like we did. It could be a large Facebook group or Reddit. Simply find people that are as passionate and interested in doing what you are doing. Often it helps to get an outsider’s perspective on things, when we ourselves are so hung up on making it perfect. Sometimes we believe we created a masterpiece of content, when we actually still had a lot to work. 

Find your support group


If this article was helpful, let me know in the comments below or underneath the YouTube video and if you are interested in more helpful tips hit me up on my socials, and download our free streaming PDF.


My name is Luk and I am here to help you set up your live stream. I believe live streams are one of the best forms of communicating with your target audience. Let’s get to work!
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