Gears 5: Is It Enough? (Operation 4)

I think it might be too late to get hooked again... but Dome is back bruh!

I’m an avid Gears player that grew up playing gears since the original and so far it has, to me, been one of the most unique exciting, dope, peach emoji kicking fun game franchise out there! I can’t seem to find a game that even comes close to emulating the fast, tight, hectic 1 vs 1 Gnasher (shotgun) battles that Gears provides, plus the world and characters to me are interesting and unique, but as I went full time content creator and I actually started to make some progress in my back catalog of games, before Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, I have been struggling to get much from Gears and specifically Gears 5. Don’t get me wrong as to thinking that I don’t like the game anymore because I do is just that it fails to keep my attention for long and these are the reasons why I think that is the case:

1. The matchmaking is annoying and frustrating to say the least. If you go into a quick play match the matching is honestly fun, but it never really gets you challenged or pushed to the limits and that is okay, but I wouldn’t even consider it if the actual competitive Ranked matchmaking wasn’t so hard to enjoy! When you are trying to find a match there is always that long 5-10 minutes searching session that the game says it will take 1-2 minutes at most to find a match and it does, but it becomes 5-10 minutes because the message “Resetting matchmaking due to player quitting” pops up and I swear it happens so often that I believe it is a lie and the game just sucked at its job, so it made an excuse right on the spot, but not just that, you can also have players quitting often during matches and I feel like it happens so often that maybe the punishment for it isn’t severe enough and/or the community of gears is now gotten infested with too many push overs that decide to go play the many, good, but uninteresting, PVE modes like Horde and Escape or mobile games that feed their overly sensitive needs for endorphins that they have come to be slaved to thanks to over priced micro transactions.

2. The game lacked so much content at first it wasted the initial hype it had, at least, for me. I was super duper hyped for Gears 5 to the point that I was doing the beta and even did the specific time login event for a special blood splatter that they did back in the beta cycle, the game came out and I was there on day one, heck even the night before with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate doing the campaign and being mind blown by how gorgeous the game looked on my Xbox One X playing on the LG OLED C9 with HDR and all the bells and whistles while streaming on twitch. The campaign was good, but I was in it for the multiplayer that had me playing Gears 4 and the other prior Gears titles for more than 2-3 hours a day none stop multiplayer vs action so I went to that and it was good and honestly even with the changes I enjoyed it, and yes I’ve had my complains with the set ups and all, but it was still fun Gears, but that was it. I would play for about 1 or 2 hours and realize that the skins sucked, no offense developers just how I felt, the guns and things that I had come to wish most for to make my gears persona more unique and just my own wasn’t there or at least after you spend over 50 hours playing it you come to see that you have done everything there is to be done and all you are left with is a not so different version of Gears 4 without maps. 

3. Which is my third point that the game to me lacked maps. Gears 4 had so many and good ones too! Gears 5 did to me the same thing that Halo 5 did and that is not providing enough maps. I was being patient at first with that reality and expecting them to release one map every month even the same old ones, but they didn’t and guys I actually like the maps they released with the game and the few new ones that they made okay so I disagree that they are trash, but I will agree with the opinion that it was too little and specially for the players who play the living hell out of Gears. 

Final Thoughts:

I played Gears 5 a ton during the first 2-3 months of it coming out and I enjoyed it so much I even made an eSports team so I would have more reasons to play it, but the lack of customization for so long has made it so that I felt like I was playing Gears 4 (2.0) and campaign aside, which I liked a lot, and the other modes that I’m not that into them, I get on to play Gears 5 and I can still have a good time, but after the second game of King of The Hill on ranked or any of the other game modes after 1 hour of playing I lose interest. The game doesn’t provide me with more content than the basics which I have already enjoyed for hundreds of hours so I look towards other games that provide something new and exciting that it doesn’t have to be a new game necessarily, but Gears 5 has failed to hook me like the other gears have and I’ve always been a variety gamer playing almost anything, but all the gears except this one have been able to keep me coming back for more….till now at least. I think the new changes coming to this update are welcomed and the reworking of matchmaking and the coin system sound awesome so I will check them out and see if they offer more content that can take me away from FarCry 3 Classic Edition or The Witcher 3 or all the Apple Arcade/Xbox Game Pass/PS Games that are out there demanding to be enjoyed and experienced. Let me know in the comments or in social media under ENDWARO7 what you think of this new update which I will be reviewing and sharing my thoughts on that after I get the sampling done.
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