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Game Review Fat Princess PC


Fat Princess is a Titan Studios created video game that was distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was made available in North America and Europe in July 2009 and Japan in December 2009. It was meant to play on the PlayStation, the best volume 1 one, and assemblage plate at that. This was made available to gamers in June 2009.

Another type was also released in 2022(Fat Princess; Fistful of cake. Presently you can play the game without a PlayStation. You can easily download it on your pc and start gaming. While the game has had different reactions it’s important to cover both the standouts and thumps down of this game.


It’s a continuous series of procedures, with a multiplayer of up to 32 players. The game’s main objective is to ensure that the Princess is protected and goes back to the desired mansion. You will use cakes to bolster the Princess so that she becomes heavier. This will make it hard for your enemies to take your Princess back to their mansion. The diversion group is categorized as workers, villagers, priests, mages, warriors, and ranger. You can download other characters to add to the mentioned characters like giant, ninja, and pirate. These characters will try to take away the Princess from you, which make the game even more interesting.

Another Fat Princess Game was released in 2010 called Fat Princess Adventure. It was a continuation of the previously released one. In fat Princess Adventure, you will play as colleagues. There are two groups: the blue and the red group. Each group will have 16 players, which makes 32 players’ in total. To make the adversaries have a hectic time in capturing the Princess, you will have to make sure you sustain Princess Hostage cake cuts. With every cake cut, your Princess will become heavier. After a short period, the cake cuts will wear off.

Using caps, you will be able to change your characters, classes, and capabilities. The caps are usually found in war zones where enemies have fallen.  The diversion classes are divided into ranger, warrior, mage, priest, and villager. Other downloaded diversion classes are giant, ninja and pirate. Each class has its own capacities, powers, and diversion measures. When the well-being is depleted, all classes can sit and eat the cake to restore their wellbeing except the class of titan. There are other classes that don’t originate from fat add-on packs but rather on an enchantment caps.

Players can get this cap by pressing and switching between classes. Additionally, players can recreate the caps using the machine caps to add other features like fortress or attack gear by incorporating things like wood and minerals. You will have to assemble them in different areas using a guide. An overhaul button will give you assault and elective weapons to each class. Note that the classes that don’t come from the machine caps can’t be updated, but they have enchantments that you can use once the bar is full. For instance, privateers can use cannonballs; giants can eat adversaries, while ninjas can turn imperceptible.

Game Review Fat Princess PC fatprincess

Modes of gameplay

There are various mode features in this video game, they include:

  • Legend of a Fat Princess; this is a story of two Princess. It has seven chapters and six levels. They include all other modes of play.
  • Rescue the Princess; this is the main mode of this game. You have to rescue the Princess from your adversary’s castle while keeping the adversary’s Princess imprisoned in their castle
  • Team Deathmatch; in this mode, you will have to take down all opposing teams to zero life and whoever does it first becomes the winner
  • Invasion; you will have to capture outposts. After a team takes control of over 50 outposts, the other team will start to counter. Any team that it’s count down reach zero first will lose
  • Grab and Snatch; this mode is more like rescuing the princess, but here, each opposing team already has their Princess in their castle. You will have to grab the Princess of the opposing team and imprison her. The minute you put the opposing Princess in the dungeon, she will re-spawn back to her castle. You will have to do this three times for you to win.
  • Queen Rule; it’s a special mode available on the soccer map. The game will automatically switch to this mode when you select the map. There are no hat machines or bombs that usually drop from the sky. Instead, you must put the soccer ball into the opposing team’s post. The team having the most goals wins.
  • Gladiate; here, you play solo rather than the multiplayer version. You will choose a hat and stay in that class throughout the entire game. There are 12 rounds, and they will introduce new enemies at a certain time.


The graphics are good, with detailed animations and background music that make the entire game glorious. It has a quirky charm, exceptional art style, and well-balanced units. It has a smooth frame rate that has excellent texture, lighting, and work. It’s insanely colorful and matches the likes of Super Mario galaxy.

It has a cartoony feel to it with objects and characters plus 2-D plants scattered on the map. The mapping is large, with varied volcanoes, desert, and jungle environments. This gives players a wider geographical area to cover will playing.

There are some hi-caps with the game. For one, the gladiate mode experiences a lot of issues when it comes to AI, when you wish to capture the Princess, but the AI refuses to follow you when you need it to.  Additionally, you may experience connection issues, and playing solo is tedious. Finally, some people have issues with the stereotypes of a fat Princess and staffing her to get heavier.

Other than that, it’s quite a fun game to play as it is an easy game to grasp. When you ignore all these hi-caps, the game is enjoyable with friends as you can co-op coach. It’s a must-try game. If you like our content check out other articles like this in our Blog

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