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G Fuel Hydration VS Gfuel Energy


G Fuel Hydration and What it Actually Stands for

Gamma Labs was founded in 2004 as a Sports Nutrition company and has since then evolved into a lifestyle brand, centered around Gfuel.

G Fuel is the company’s energy drink, as well as self proclaimed official drink of esports.

G Fuel has become incredibly popular over the years since its launch in 2012. The drink sponsors most esports events, players as well as streamers in the industry. G Fuel is designed to give you an edge in esports, combined with a flashy packaging and lots of testimonials, the drink rose to the top and is the leader in the industry.

G Fuel launched in 2012 with the boom of energy drinks. It was created as a healthy alternative to the traditional sugar loaded energy drinks on the market. The high consumption of energy drinks in the industry is no secret. Even Ninja, one of the greatest streamers to date, is sponsored by Redbull. Gamma Labs saw the opportunity to claim a market which until then had barely been tapped into.

With all natural ingredients and specifically designed to help gamers, streamers and esports athletes, Gfuel stands out from traditional energy drinks.

G Fuel Energy

G Fuel Energy is the original formula. The drink is intended to give you a leg up over your opponents. It claims to increase focus, cut down on reaction time and keep you alert for an extended period of time.

While G Fuel is loaded with ingredients, the ingredient everyone is looking for is caffeine. One serving of Gfuel contains 150mg of caffeine. Caffeine is the main driver for the alertness the company is promising.

Here is an ingredient, G Fuel does not want you to look at!

G Fuel Hydration

With the drink’s rising popularity, G Fuel launched its Hydration formula in February 2016. This was the first caffeine free g fuel. The hydration formula was launched to please the market that wanted a caffeine free alternative, which could be consumed throughout the day.

G Fuel Hydration goes head to head with big companies like Gatorade and others in the Hydration market.

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The hydration formula still contains lead, as well as the amino acid L-Tyrosine which is linked to mental focus. For a complete list of ingredients please refer to the G Fuel hydration nutrition facts.

By taking out caffeine from their drink, G Fuel opened up a whole new group of customers. A large portion of esports fans, viewers, streamer supporters and gamers, are under the age of 18 and often much younger than that.

Caffeine can be a touchy subject in certain households and parents might not allow their children to consume G Fuel, because of the caffeine in it. By launching the caffeine free hydration formula, G Fuel now pleases this group of customers and markets their drink as a healthy way to stay hydrated throughout the day without the need for caffeine.

Is G Fuel hydration good for you? It is definitely not harmful, if it really works and not hydrates but also increases your focus, that is for you to decide.

For a full guide on G Fuel, please check out my article Is G Fuel bad for you and can it actually Kill You?

If you have any further questions or concerns in regards to G Fuel, please contact me on my socials.


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