Frustrated with Your Pokemon? Learn Why They Don’t Obey and How to Fix It!

Title: Frustrated with Your Pokemon? Learn Why They Don’t Obey and How to Fix It!

Do you often find yourself frustrated when your beloved Pokemon doesn’t obey your commands in battles, or worse, runs away from you instead of coming to your side? You’re not alone! Many trainers face this issue with their Pokemon, and it can be demotivating and discouraging.

In this article, we’ll dive into the reasons why your Pokemon might not be obeying you and explore some tips and tricks on how to fix it.

Why is My Pokemon Not Obeying Me?

There can be many reasons why your Pokemon isn’t obeying you, and it’s crucial to understand them to work on correcting the behavior.

1. Loyalty: Your Pokemon might not be obeying you because it doesn’t feel connected or loyal to you. If you’ve been neglecting your Pokemon, not spending enough time with them, or treating them poorly, they might lose their trust in you and won’t obey your commands.

2. High Level: If your Pokemon’s level is higher than your trainer level, they might not obey you as they don’t consider you their leader. For example, if your Pikachu is at level 70, but your trainer level is 50, they won’t listen to you.

3. Gym Badges: In some games, certain gym badges are required to control Pokemon at a certain level. If you attempt to control Pokemon that are too powerful without the necessary badges, they won’t obey you.

4. Affection: Pokemon that receive love and affection are more likely to obey their trainers. If you’re not showing affection to your Pokemon, they might not feel the need to obey you.

How Can I Fix This?

1. Spend More Time with Your Pokemon: Take your Pokemon out for a walk, pat them, and play games with them. Doing this will strengthen your relationship and create a bond of loyalty and trust.

2. Level Up Your Trainer Rank: To control high-level Pokemon, you’ll need to gain more experience and level up your trainer rank. Complete battles, challenges, and other activities to level up and increase your authority.

3. Earn Gym Badges: Gym badges are necessary to control powerful Pokemon. Visit different gyms, participate in battles, and earn gym badges to gain more control over your Pokemon.

4. Show Affection: Love and affection can go a long way in gaining the loyalty of your Pokemon. Keep patting them, play with them, give them treats, and show your appreciation for their hard work.


Understanding the reasons why your Pokemon might not obey you and working on improving your relationship with them can go a long way in making them listen to your commands. Spend time with your Pokemon, level up your trainer rank, earn more gym badges, and show love and affection to strengthen your bond with them.


1. Can I force my Pokemon to obey me?

No, you can’t force your Pokemon to obey you as they are sentient beings that require care and respect.

2. Can I control Pokemon with lower levels than me?

Yes, you can control Pokemon with lower levels than you, but it can be challenging to control Pokemon that are higher than your trainer level.

3. Does feeding my Pokemon help with obedience?

Feeding your Pokemon has no direct impact on their obedience, but it can help increase their happiness level, which can lead to them being more obedient.

4. Can I improve my Pokemon’s loyalty?

Yes, you can improve your Pokemon’s loyalty by spending more time with them, showing affection, and treating them well.

5. Can I improve my Pokemon’s obedience without increasing my trainer rank?

No, to control high-level Pokemon, you need to increase your trainer rank and earn more gym badges.

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