Frosty Showdown: Comparing Froslass and Glalie in Pokémon Go

Frosty Showdown: Comparing Froslass and Glalie in Pokémon Go

In Pokémon Go, you’ll encounter various icy Pokémon scattered throughout the game, but two well-known species within this category are Froslass and Glalie. Both Pokémon have their unique strengths and weaknesses, making them an ideal part of any trainer’s arsenal. In this article, we’ll compare these two species and find out which one is the better choice for your Pokémon team.


Froslass is a Ghost/Ice-type Pokémon that was initially introduced in Generation four of the main series games. Froslass has a captivating game design, with an alluring and mysterious feel that captures the trainee’s attention. However, Froslass’s captivation is not limited to its outward appearance alone. In Pokémon Go, Froslass possesses respectable stats and an alluring move pool that makes it a potent adversary.


Froslass has a remarkably high Special attack and speed stat, making it an outstanding special attacker. Additionally, Froslass’s Ghost and Ice type make it tough to beat by other Pokémon types, making it the ultimate counter to Dragon, Flying, and Grass types.

Froslass move pool contains various excellent moves that make it a potent hero in battle. Its signature move, Shadow Ball, completely dominates the oppositions’ health and can sometimes even lower their Special Defense! Froslass also has access to an array of deadly opposing moves, such as Avalanche, Ice Beam, and Hex.


Froslass’s defensive stats are relatively low, which makes it vulnerable to frequently occurring attacks. Additionally, Froslass is weak to offensive and brute force-based Pokémon like Fighting and Steel types.


Glalie is an Ice-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 3 of the main series games. Glalie’s game design is not as elegant as Froslass’s, but its look represents a more realistic-looking Pokémon. In Pokémon Go, Glalie possesses reliable moves and stat pool, but how do they compare to Froslass?


Glalie has a versatile move pool that makes it a versatile ally in battle. It can learn opposed moves like Earthquake and Avalanche, making it a potent attacking force in battles. Glalie’s defensive stat pool is impressively balanced, allowing it to withstand attacks from various Pokémon types.


However, Glalie possesses no unique typing that gives it an advantage over particular Pokémon type, making it susceptible to Psychic, Rock, Steel, and Fighting types.


Considering the strengths and weaknesses of Froslass and Glalie, Froslass is a preferable choice for trainers in Pokémon games. Froslass is an exceptional special attacker that is reliable against tough oppositions. Moreover, Froslass’s Ghost type makes it impervious to battling against some Pokémon types, whereas Glalie falls into numerous weaknesses. Both Pokémon types are proficient Ice types, but Froslass’s Ghost type makes it the ultimate counter against Fighting, Grass, and Dragon types.


In summary, Pokémon Go contains many ice-type Pokémons that you can add to your squad. However, Froslass stands out as the best of the bunch, possessing high Special Attack and speed stats, complemented by its Ghost and Ice typing, making it an Ultimate counter against opposing types.


1. How do Froslass and Glalie compare in stats?
Froslass has higher Special Attack and Speed Stats than Glalie.

2. What Pokémon types is Froslass weak to?
Froslass is susceptible to Fighting and Steel types.

3. What is Glalie’s signature move?
Glalie does not have a unique signature move.

4. Does Froslass have a move that reduces a Pokémon’s Special Defense?
Yes, Froslass’s Shadow Ball reduces the oppositions’ Special Defense.

5. What moves make Glalie a potent attacking force?
Glalie’s Versatile Movepool makes it a potent attacking force in battles with opposed moves like Earthquake and Avalanche.

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