Fortnite No Building Needs to Stay!

I used to bash Fortnite until I gave it a real honest try and I fell in love with it! I love the building feature, but I think Fortnite No Building Needs to Stay! Here is why…

Building is Crucial, Necessary, but It Can Co-Exist

I played Fortnite back when PUBG was at its peak in popularity and I used to swear that Fortnite was not as good as PUBG and PUBG was the real Battle Royale. I kept playing PUBG and added Warzone with Apex Legends, but never gave Fortntie a real try until I did and it changed everything.

Fortnite No Building Needs to Stay!

Fortnite’s building mode is too much at times, hard, but fun and challenging! It separates the game from all the games in similitude to how cover and sliding in Gears of War or Gears 5 makes that game unique among all other video games.

Before Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Resistance update removed the building from pubs – none ranked modes – I would have sworn that we needed to keep building at all costs, but with the new sprinting, wall edge ledge grabbing and faster moving speeds in Fortnite I can say now that Fortnite No Building Needs to Stay!

Fortnite No building for Pubs – Building for Ranked

I invite you to play the game and see for yourself how fun and still complete Fortnite feels in the none building mode which is pubs or none ranked as of this writing. You will find a game that has depth and doesn’t feel half baked.

By keeping the no building mode it allows for players that don’t want to master the building mechanics to enjoy a full blown quality third person shooter. The ones who desire a more in depth challenge can go ahead and start practicing with creative mode and jumping into ranked matches where building is enabled.

I believe that Fortnite has enough of a player base that it can sustain two separate main modes like no building playlists and building. A game to compare to would be Apex Legends having just as good of a player pool size in none ranked vs ranked modes.

What do you want?

I want to keep ranked and none ranked separate by keeping the none building and building abilities turned on or off respectively. I believe it can be sustained and it will bring more players into Fortnite making the game more fun and interesting to a lot more players.

Yes it might make some hurdles in the competitive scene with players that want to compete professionally with no building and Epic Games sponsoring only the building playlists, but I believe that wouldn’t be an issue since we have private, smaller, tournaments all the time in other games. The interesting part is that we do not have 2 completely different features like in Halo infinite and Gears 5 they have unique esports game modes, but if Gears 5 is anything to go by we know that having only 1 mode for none Battle Royale video games in esports can be catastrophic.

What are your thoughts on the matter? I want to hear from you in the socials under @richierichlabs or here on the comments section and if you want to know Why is Call of Duty Vanguard Not Good? check out my article on the matter.

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