Fortnite No Building Needs More Content

I love the new Fortnite No Building mode, but I agree with SypherPK that the game mode needs to have more features that separate it from the normal building mode. I disagree with Ninja though and here are some ideas and answers to why Fortnite no building needs more content.

It needs to first not be an LTM

For those of you who don’t know LTM stands for Limited Time Mode which is modes that are fun to play usually, but for a really short amount of time and everybody usually ends up playing the normal Battle Royale mode or Creative instead.

I believe that Fortnite can and needs to have no building in order to maintain its position as one of the leading video games of our time. If it doesn’t add no building indefinitely I’m afraid it will eventually become the next PUBG in more ways than I like to say it aloud.

Fortnite no building mode needs to be added in order to keep fresh new players coming into the game or it will get stuck with high end players dominating the game, and some of you would say that that is just what SypherPK said, but I thought it about it before his video and he doesn’t own the idea sorry to let you down.

Fortnite can sustain both game modes

I believe that Fortnite is so popular and accessible that it can make the none building and building modes co exist to the point that it will make it even bigger than it has ever been. If you keep the ranked mode for building and the normal pubs for none building I believe it would still be great, but I can also see that the normal pubs mode can sustain all four variables of Solos, Duos, Trios, and Squads each with no building and building.

Ranked I honestly doubt it can keep the no building cause the game will without a doubt be skill capped a lot easier without the building mode turned on. I agree with the sentiment that Fortnite competitive should have the building mode turned on and I disagree with Ninja on the take that building needs to go entirely.

Even if you add tons of unique items that are unique to Fortnite no building which is the reason why I write this article titled Fortnite No Building Needs More Content, building is still too much fun and challenging to get rid of it.

Building made Fortnite

Building in Fortnite is what made Fortnite so unique from all the other heavy hitters like PUBG, Apex Legends, and Warzone. It won’t ever kill Fortnite, but it can and it will make it a lot more niche if Fortnite no building doesn’t stick around. Fortnite No Building Needs More Content is also something that needs to be addressed in order to make the effect of the new no building mode take full effect in bringing Fortnite to keep its rightful place in the trinity of most popular Battle Royale games out there.

To finish off if you are wanting to use paddles on your Fortnite building game or the none building mode in order to perform jumping and sliding all while being able to aim I highly suggest following my article on this Cronus Zen so you can use an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller on your Nintendo Switch cause most controllers on the Nintendo Switch are really meh!

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