February Xbox Game Pass Monthly Quest Guide 2021 – Ready to Earn Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

The Quests are looking good for this month specially on the new Xbox Series X|S

This is it a new month, new Xbox Game Pass Quest from which we can get them juicy, nice, free Microsoft Rewards Points that we can in turn afterwards redeem for some super duper free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and save money for your pocket!

Terraria is our first monthly quest and let me tell you it is an easy one actually if you are not a fan of Minecraft do not worry this one is going to be easier than the Minecraft one. This Xbox game pass quest actually is a updated re-released Xbox game pass quest from last year which required you to gather 2,000 resources, but now it is only 1,000. 

Human Fall Flat is an easy Xbox game pass quest you can either cheat and use rubber bands or anything that will allow you to leave your controller and leave your character moving around for the travel 500 m goal that you are supposed to achieve. I highly suggest to give the game a chance and play it and you will see that the 500 m will go fast and you would have have experienced a legit video game.

State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition was supposed to be in my opinion the hardest quest for this month of February 2021, but it is not, it is actually easy; coming in around 10 minutes to complete. Destroy 10 Plague Hearts is so easy that you need to watch in order to see how easy it is because you just woke up to them and beat them up with your stick on single player and with the AAA teammates that the game provides it is a simple whack move away whack and kill walk and finish.

GreedFall is probably in my opinion the most boring and not interesting Xbox Game Pass Quest for this February month of 2021. I honestly don’t have anything against the game is just looked lackluster to me interesting setting for sure, but not enough to catch my attention for more than the Xbox game pass quest which is to defeat 15 enemies.

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