FPS Boost Far Cry 4 Xbox Update is What You Wanted!

You are wondering if you should buy an Xbox Series S or upgrade your Xbox One X|S stop wondering and start saving up money because you are going to need the new Xbox Series S with the FPS Boost Mode update for Far Cry 4.

I invite you to check out the video above and down under in order to educate yourself further as to what FPS Boost means, but if you don’t want to leave this article it is fine by me and I will explain it in a short version.

The new Xbox FPS boost mode update is the sneak peek that we are going to get in the Xbox Spring Update that will bring along with it menu changes that will allow us to enable FPS Boost mode on older Xbox One titles, hopefully, someday also Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles too.

For now we are left with some games which I will be testing and releasing my performance, graphics, analysis on the YouTube channel from the video above or you can follow the link here: Xbox FPS Boost Mode Explained

The current batch of video games that we can play with this FPS Boost mode is quite limited, but Microsoft and Xbox have promised that we are going to get more titles so stay put and I will keep you updated as to which titles come out and how we can, hopefully, vote on which ones get added.

The one I decided to test first is one that I think needed this upgrade really bad. Far Cry 4 on the original Xbox One S was not a bad game, but with the FOV and FPS Performance of 30fps that it originally came with it honestly made it hard for me to play because the camera moves too much in the action is fast paced to the point that it was uncomfortable to play for more than an hour without feeling a little heavy or uncomfortable. 

Now that the game is 60 FPS I can finally enjoy Far Cry 4 the way it was meant to be enjoyed. I’ve been able to play for more than two or three hours in one go and not feel uncomfortable with the massive onslaught of camera shakes that this game brings to the player. At 60 FPS it is actually nice looking and it feels smooth and responsive. 

It is not perfect, but I would argue that it is pretty much near to that with the exception that the resolution does not get a boost up from the 1440P x 1080P (thanks Janne from YouTube for the tip). It is still lacking a true 1440 P or 4K resolution, but it still looks nice for how old it is.

The loading times are really short and make fast travel actually fast. Transitioning from title to title with Quick Resume makes playing the game a lot more enjoyable for when you want to take a break from running around like a maniac. 

The Xbox series X and Xbox series X allow for Auto HDR which brings a lot of color to the game and I really appreciate that because Far Cry 4 honestly is lacking a bit on that department. 

I will be testing the other games in the release batch so stay put with #StreamingLiveAcademy or on social media with @ENDWARO7 for any news or questions regarding this update. 

I had to restart my Xbox Series S to be able to utilize this feature, but I don’t believe I had to download any updates or do anything besides refreshing the console. If you need any help don’t forget to contact me or the team and until next time take care!

Far Cry 4 Xbox FPS Boost Mode
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