The definition of insanity is Far Cry 3 Classic Edition

Far Cry 3 Classic Edition – “Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?” is probably memorable not for its actual grammar meaning of the question and consequently the answer, but rather the character who spoke those words to you while you were about to get thrown into a cave hole in the jungle hands tied to a piece of concrete brick with water waiting at the end of it to, pun intended, end your life.

Story Synopsis – Far Cry 3 Classic Edition

Far Cry 3 classic edition
Vaas – Antagonist in Far Cry 3 Classic Edition

Vaas throws you into the cave after telling you the answer to the question I shared with you at the start of this article. Ironically you manage to escape and attempt to escape the area just to fall into his hands once more and this time he shoots you in the chest, but little does he know that you being an avid smoker get saved by your cigarette lighter which stops the bullet from killing you.

The awakening you experience is not a pleasant one for sure. You are buried under rotting corpses and find your self crawling out of the pile gasping for a bit of fresh air and to be freed from the crushing weight of a lifeless human body. For your information a lifeless person’s body is actually quite heavy and hard to move… don’t ask how I know.

Far Cry 3 classic edition
Far Cry 3 Video Game Cover

My Personal Story with Far Cry 3

Those are just some of the crazy, dramatic, over the top moments that Far Cry 3 allows you to experience. I was about 18 years old when Far Cry 3 came out and by this time I was already glorying on the fact that I was older than the recommend rating age of the rated for M 17+ logo would suggest.

I had already been desensitized by the games like Dead Space, Gears of War, and GTA IV by the time I got to experience Far Cry 3 Classic Edition on my Xbox 360, but that made the experience none the less memorable and I was able to still be mind blown by the levels of insanity, pun intended, that Far Cry 3 brought to the pixels in my living room.

I recently played Far Cry 3 Classic Edition on my Xbox Series X attached to a 65 inch LG OLED C9 TV running with all the new bells and whistles that it comes with. Which is a Far Cry from the 55 inch 1080p Visio LED TV from my youth.

The experience was undoubtedly much better except for the lack of 60 FPS which is a huge miss opportunity from Ubisoft. If you are reading this Ubisoft or Xbox get FPS Boost working on Far Cry 3 Classic Edition ASAP cause it deserves it. The game is playable at 30 FPS which is a huge improvement over the original Xbox 360 version that ran well below 30 FPS and with lots of technical issues.

I really did enjoy my second run thru the game even after a decade of its original release, but I did also find the same extended post Vaas sections of the game to be Grindy and still decent when it came to spectacle, but the villain after Vaas just is not even close to memorable as Vaas Montenegro was.

To finish of I highly recommend that you play Far Cry 3 Classic Edition on any device that you can and get to witness one of the first open world games that truly dialed things to 11. If you need or want to play it on your iPhone or Android device with Xbox Streaming from your console I highly recommend the Razer Kishi as your controller of choice following this article

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