BIGGEST Facebook Gaming Update! – The Platform is changing forever!

Facebook Gaming Update – Everything you need to know!

In 2021 Facebook Gaming is attempting what could be, their largest Facebook Gaming Update yet. In this article I am breaking down the Update and what it means for you as a Facebook Gaming Creator, as well as a Facebook Gaming Developer.


In 2016 Facebook launched the Instant Games Platform. This platform brings download free games to the Facebook Gaming community and can be enjoyed on both mobile and desktop the same way, download free

In 2018 Facebook attempted to grow the platform even bigger and quicker by automating the submission process for game developers. Up until then game developers had to submit their games which were then manually reviewed if they comply with Facebook’s rules and expectations.

While the growths of the game library has not been an issue, so Facebook, the quality of the games has not increased. A game’s quality is measured by how many sessions users spend on the game.

In short Facebook is facing the issue of quantity over quality. By making access to the Instant Games Platform easier, the quality of the games has suffered, and the platform has been flooded with titles.

In 2021 Facebook attempts to fix this issue, by restricting developer’s access to the Instant Games Platform, as well as increasing the game’s expectations. For a full list of changes and schedule, you can find the full article here.

Facebook Gaming Update

What this means for YOU as Creators

At first not a whole lot will change for you as a Facebook Gaming Creator. You will be able to play your usual games and continue to create content around them. The main objective of these policy changes are affecting game developers and by raising the bar for their games.

For you as a creator these changes to the Instant Games Platform mean you will get higher quality games. You will be able to come back to your games more often, since Facebook’s main objective is to have users stick with the same game for longer.

This means the Facebook Gaming algorithm does not have to adjust as often to you switching your games, in return leading to more rapid growth for your Facebook Gaming Creator page.

In addition this Facebook Gaming Update means potentially higher revenue for you as a creator. By playing the same game for longer you will be able to grow a larger community around the game and therefore open up more revenue options.

Closing Thoughts

Overall I personally appreciate this huge Facebook Gaming Update. As a Facebook Gaming Creator myself, I strongly believe that a game’s quality should always be the highest priority. This Facebook Gaming Update will ensure that we creators get better games that we will be able to enjoy for longer, and create more content around.

Not only creators will benefit from this greatly, but also developers. While at first it might seem harsh on the devs, having creators and their community spend more time on the game, translates in longer lasting and greater revenue streams for the developers as well. 

I am looking forward to this Facebook Gaming Update and I think you should too. If you have more questions in regards to the changes coming in 2021, contact me on my socials or via Streaming Live Academy.

And if you are looking to become a Facebook Gaming Creator yourself and join the Creator Level Up program, check out my full guide on How To Stream To Facebook Gaming.


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