Facebook Gaming Growth Strategy 2021

Facebook gaming growth strategy 2021

Going into 2021 a winning growth strategy is crucial if you want to succeed on Facebook Gaming this year. On my YouTube channel I have a whole playlist showing you step by step how to create and grow your Facebook page entirely for free, if you would like to check that out you can click here

Live Streaming: Is it worth getting into in 2021?

There is no doubt that 2020 was the biggest and most successful year for the streaming world all together and while Microsoft was unable to stay ahead and forced to sell Mixer to Facebook Gaming in July 2020, the other three major platforms have seen not only massive increases in viewers and watch time, but also in individual streams.

With more time on everyone’s hands more people are trying to turn their long time wish of streaming their video games into a reality, but is the market too saturated to even get into in 2021? The short answer is no. The live streaming industry is a very young industry, with plenty of room left for you to grow your stream. However, without a winning growth strategy in place for 2021, chasing success might become difficult. That is why I am sharing with you my four tips on growing your Facebook Gaming page.

Facebook Gaming: But why?

It is no secret that 2020 was not a good year for Twitch. While the platform has seen some growth in Q1 and Q2, the only headlines Twitch made were negative from there on. 

First a dear got put in charge of the council, Dr. Disrespects get banned without a public explanation, maybe to make room for Ninja and Shroud, and then DMCA strikes lead to mass nuking the little offline content Twitch had to offer. If Twitch continues on this course there is a good chance that the platform will face a serious existential crisis within the next couple years.

Facebook Gaming acquired Mixer in July 2020 and has grown to over 300.000 daily viewers within 2020, while the global pandemic and lockdown definitely had a play in this, Facebook Gaming has a good chance to compete with the other big two platforms. Facebook has shown they are here to stay by implementing new features for their streamers every month and tweaking their algorithm to push the right viewers to the right stream.

Facebook’s algorithm is the perfect tool to grow a massive Facebook page within months, and push your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of users. In order to maximize Facebook’s algorithm you need to have the right growth strategy for your Facebook page.

Facebook Gaming Growth strategy 2021  

Facebook Gaming: How to grow!

Facebook Gaming is following the trend of mobile games rather than triple A PC or console titles. When it comes to big triple A titles, Twitch and YouTube are where the audience is at, as of right now. Publishing firms have huge contracts to roll out titles to Twitch streamers first, but these contracts are changing.

Mobile gaming is the future of gaming. More people in the world have access to a phone than access to a PC or a console, simply because phones are cheaper, and phone services are better spread than ground wired internet structure in big parts of the world, even Europe. 

Publishers are already transitioning to mobile games by introducing and developing cloud gaming. Stadia, Xbox game pass, Nvidia cloud etc are all working towards offering their games through a cloud and making them compatible with mobile phones. 

Facebook Gaming is right on this trend. Mobile games are dominating the platform and will continue to grow the Facebook Gaming community. However, it is not impossible to stream triple A titles on the platform and grow, but if you are looking for rapid growth and hundreds of concurrent viewers within months, mobile games are where the money is at.

Lastly Facebook’s algorithm almost functions as guarantee for viewership. As long as you can entertain your viewers and engage them in your content, Facebook will suggest your live stream, your page, your videos, your brand to more of their users. I have a whole playlist on my YouTube channel where you can find detailed videos on how to do that, just click here.

Here is how you do it!

  1. Pick a question of the day and put the question in your title. 
    1. This questions needs to be open ended
    2. Stir up a conversation within the viewers
    3. Do not make this about yourself
  2. After your live stream, invite viewers to like your page and follow, I released a quick tutorial about that here.
  3. Schedule your content in advance
    1. In every post ask your audience’s opinion on the matter
    2. Ask your audience to share the post with others
  4. Mobile games are great to run small inexpensive giveaways that boost the algorithm
    1. Loot boxes and skins are great $1-$5 giveaways
    2. Works best with mobile
    3. Ask your audience to share your live stream and engage in order to participate to boost the algorithm

Let me know when you implement these strategies and share your success stories on our socials.

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My name is Luk and I am here to help you set up your live stream. I believe live streams are one of the best forms of communicating with your target audience. Let’s get to work!

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