Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Live Streaming

Live streaming has become necessary as many brands are shifting to superior marketing strategies. Curating videos for marketing purposes has been on the high end since it allows your brand to connect with potential customers like never before. It improves your brand in news feeds of various social media algorithms.

Social Media Live Streaming

Before diving deeper, let’s define what streaming is and how it works. It’s basically live in real-time or recorded and put on social media through mobile devices or computers using the internet. Common forms of streams include Podcasts, music videos, TV shows, and webcasts, among other streams.

Media files are packaged in such a way that you can transmit them as sequential packages. It’s very different from a situation when you need to download a file then delete them afterward. With a subscription from a streaming service plus a compatible device and a fast internet connection, you can easily stream.

Social Media Live Streaming

Live Streaming 

This is broadcasting live events as they happen. Social media platforms have enabled users to broadcast just about anything with a compatible device. For brands, live streaming has helped to attract customers and woo them to your site. Every social platform has a live stream, and as a brand, it can get really hard as all of them are competing for attention, and you’ll want to spend more time on one platform more than the other.

Streaming as a business does not have to be another hard task to conquer. You can easily stream to all platforms with the help of stream software. The software will help you to increase engagement on all your social media content across the board.

Live Streaming Destinations 

Suppose you subscribe to live stream software. In that case, you can easily live stream in, let’s say LinkedIn, and simulcasting on an underlying player to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or any other social destinations with just a click of a button. Live streaming on a professional platform like LinkedIn provides a peculiar opportunity to engage professionals with your high-quality content. You have to apply for a live stream before you get access. The good thing about them is that they prioritize live feeds more, so your content will surely get more eyeballs.


Facebook Meta

If you’re trying to live stream on Facebook, you will definitely reach your audience where they are. But you may be limited to such streams, so it’s important to ensure that this is not your main marketing strategy but part of it. Going live on Facebook should be on short videos basis because the quality can be bad.

It’s therefore important to partner with high-quality software to provide better visual quality content. As an organization, you need to show your audience what you are made of 

Quality content using the right software will describe you to your audience as just that. They will also get to understand you better through quality and enhanced videos.



YouTube, the second search engine in the world, is the best place to showcase your brand. Facebook and Twitter Periscope have a new ball game to YouTube in terms of live streams. If you wish to stream on here, you’ll have to do it on your PC. You can’t stream using your mobile device unless you are a verified user with one thousand subscribers.

If you wish to get a more professional stream using software will get you there. You simply push your stream from the software to YouTube directly with its native integration.

Periscope (Closed)

Periscope Closing

You can now stream on Twitter using Periscope. Periscope is Twitter’s minute algorithm. You can easily stream on the platforms using periscope via your computer and mobile phone. If you are using your phone, you simply tap on broadcast or the camera icons then you go live just like that.

Twitter created periscope producers that allow encoders, which means brand and content creators can use other parties to go live on the platform. This has made streaming using software pretty easy. You can easily get high-quality streams once you sync your periscope with software.

Take Away!

Brands trying to tap on new customers can easily hop on live streams. It allows you to connect with your audience on a somewhat personal level. Understanding the unique ways you can do to help your videos stand out from competitors is paramount. Live stream software has your back when it comes to clear and quality videos. You don’t want bad videos setting a first bad impression. Get reliable live stream software that will put your content quality on a higher scale.

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