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Puss was developed by Teamcoil Samustai Limited. Its initial release date was 2nd august 2018. The game was created as an avoid-em-up puzzle game. It appeals to those who like hardcore challenges. Its genre is indie game, adventure, and action. It was initially made for PC, but you can easily play the game on your PlayStation 4, Android, Linux, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

Puss has embraced surrealism and humor to drag the players into their universe. You move from point A to B while avoiding objects and obstacles without touching the wall. Of course, different video games have the same gameplay, but what makes Puss different? With this simple, straightforward game, Teamcoil Samurai twisted it with various aesthetics from vaporwave to psychedelic making it a fun to play game.


You start with a tutorial and a boss fight, which by no means is a cakewalk. You then play as a cat traveling in a short maze that is filled with tons of obstacles and bullets. If you touch the wall too long, you get zapped, but this does not mean you lose your life. You will require patience, sheer luck, expert timing, and quick reflexes to get through the maze successfully. If you fail to navigate the obstacles, you play over and over again until you get it right. Unfortunately, repeating the same level over and over can somewhat take the fun out of the game.

The cat will have a certain number of lives, and when they are depleted, you start over again. The game is quite generous when it comes to life. You will get a certain number at each level. It will also show you if you have touched a dangerous area by flickering of the screen with loud sound emanating from the game, just like the underwater music in sonic. 

Is this game too hard? Well, this will depend on your expectations of the game, if you go into the game thinking it’s easy then you can give up from the jump as some levels will have you work extra hard to win. Additionally, the mazes are short and incorporate different mechanics and puzzles, which are fun to try and figure out. 

You will notice that some mazes will have you time movements on an ever-shifting platform. Others will have you dodging bullets here and there, while other levels will have a button to showcase where you need to race from.


The game is super thorough on almost all levels. But there are a few freezes here and there that will make you quit the game entirely and start over again and this can be annoying. Even though the game gives you a fair warning about its nature, it’s probably wise for people that have epilepsy and can react to lights to avoid playing this game due to health concerns.

This game is suitable for people that love to take on difficult challenges as the game is borderline challenging. The game is simple, but the difficult part ramps up too soon. It’s, however, an addictive game, to say the least. It will have your attention as you try to move from one level to the other.


You’ll first notice the psychedelic visuals throughout every part of the game when you start playing the game. Every level has a new visual that changes or flashes as you travel through the level something that made this game standout.

Sometimes the visuals and graphics of the game can turn out to be overpowering or distracting as you play. For instance, there are giant teeth chattering in one of the levels. You even feel your eyes hurting by the visuals. Additionally, the sound and the visuals do not go hand in hand. It tries to match 8-bits sound bites, but the end results come off dull. This makes the entire game somewhat annoying rather than adding to the visual trip.

There is an area in the game that warns you to see a doctor before playing if you have epilepsy or can react to flashing lights. The loud sounds may also induce anxiety.

dolphin puss
Dolphin Puss


There are various features you will enjoy in this game. This includes;

  1. Boss fight-a lot of dodging bullets from hell
  2. You have an opportunity to free your future, and they will be able to help you fight evil in the future.
  3. A chance to compare results with other players at the leaderboard. It makes you to strive 10times more to beat players and be at the top.
  4. The levels of these games appear in random sequences. Each level seems to be more challenging yet addictive than its predecessors. 
  5. You will have a myriad of skins for your cat.

Advantages include

  1. Visual design is interesting 
  2. It has a lot of customizable screen tints and skins
  3. Straight forward gameplay that’s easy to pick up while starting the game

The cons

  1. The game can give you nightmares
  2. The difficult part of the game starts early and can make you give up on the game
  3. It has some annoying crashes and freezes that lets you quit the level you were on and start all over again


Puss is a straightforward game that has a lot of visuals. Its PC version is a great place to start. The games appear in random sequences, and each level is more challenging than the previous one. It’s suitable for seasoned gamers who like a challenge.

The challenging level comes up pretty quickly, so you have to brace yourself. In addition, there are a few mishaps here and there concerning the performance. But if you ignore these glitches, it is also quite an addictive game to play.

You can play over and over again without stopping. The visuals are a lovely twist to the game. Unfortunately, the only way to experience the game to see if it’s a good fit for you is to play the game.

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