Epic Games Vs Apple Lawsuit Verdict

The Epic Games Vs Apple Lawsuit Verdict is out and now it is time to see if they are truly in it for the Fortnite Fans or not?

Epic Games Vs Apple Lawsuit Verdict
Epic Games Vs Apple Lawsuit Verdict

Epic Games Vs Apple Lawsuit Verdict Resume

Look we know that the 30% cut that Apple takes is arguably unfair and needs to be adapted or changed into something better and more fair, but we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about the reality that Epic Games for the third party payment method they so proclaimed was what we needed the most and why they violated App Store contract terms.

The Third Party Payment method verdict is out and Apple is to apply it now, but Epic Games we know, by how obvious they made it, wants more than jus that. They want to make a store, their store, be available inside the iPhone and App Store. An example of this would be Walmart allowing Target to be inside their store selling stuff inside the Walmart store as a separate store.

Epic Games did not get that in this verdict and will keep on fighting for that more than likely, but now that the third party method is real why don’t they release Fortnite for iOS and allow us to enjoy it on iPhone or iOS in general?

Epic Games CEO Tim baby!

He has come out after the verdict to say that Fortnite is not coming back until things are “fair” sadly.In my opinion they can keep the game running on iOS and follow the rules while also fighting the so called injustice of not allowing them to build their store inside the Apple one. Fortnite doesn’t have to be in the middle of this fight in the manner that it has been forced to be.

I love Fortnite and Apple technology. I miss the days of playing Fortnite on my iPad Pro at 120 fps or on my iPhone on the go instead of the crappy version that Fortnite is on Nintendo Switch. I agree that the 30% fee is high and there should be third party payment methods for those people that want them, but I know that they can fight for those things while allowing us Fortnite fans to focus on gaming and not become a political pawn of a weapon.

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