Elden Ring’s ‘Death’s Poker’ Build: The Ultimate Guide to Dominating the Game

Elden Ring’s ‘Death’s Poker’ Build: The Ultimate Guide to Dominating the Game

Elden Ring is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2022, and for good reason. From Software, the developers behind the iconic Dark Souls series and the critically acclaimed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, are behind the creation of this dark fantasy RPG. It is not only the game’s release that has fans excited, but also the innovative character creation system that offers a new level of customization for players. One of the game’s most powerful builds is the ‘Death’s Poker’ build. In this guide, we will take you through the basics of this build, the weapons, armor, stats, and strategy, everything you need to dominate the game with it.

Basics of the ‘Death’s Poker’ Build

The ‘Death’s Poker’ build is a hybrid of a tank build and a dark magic build. The build relies on using powerful dark magic spells to take down your enemies while also being able to tank hits and dish out significant melee damage. The name of the build comes from the deadly combination of the main weapon that it uses, the Black Knight Greatsword, and the spells that it employs, which are known to be ‘poker-like’ in their execution.

Weapons for the ‘Death’s Poker’ Build

The Black Knight Greatsword is the best choice of main weapon for this build. This weapon hits hard, has a great reach, and inflicts bonus damage against demon-type enemies. It scales with Strength and Dexterity, making it perfect for players who want to focus on melee combat. Another great choice of weapon for this build is the Lorian’s Greatsword, which has a great moveset and incredible damage potential.

For a secondary weapon, the Izalith Staff is recommended. It is the best staff for using dark spells, which will be the primary source of damage for this build. The staff scales with Intelligence and Faith, making it ideal for a hybrid build. On top of that, it has a unique weapon art that can be used to cast pyromancies with increased damage and range.

Armor for the ‘Death’s Poker’ Build

The best armor for this build will depend on your playstyle. Some players may prefer heavier armor for a more tanky approach, while others may opt for lighter armor for mobility. The Black Iron Set is a good choice for those who prefer heavy armor. It offers high physical defense and boasts a high poise stat, which allows players to withstand more hits before staggering. For those who prefer lighter armor, the Dark Set provides excellent protection against dark damage and has good mobility.

Stats for the ‘Death’s Poker’ Build

The stats for this build are as follows:

– Vigor: 30
– Attunement: 24
– Endurance: 30
– Vitality: 20
– Strength: 40
– Dexterity: 40
– Intelligence: 40
– Faith: 30

Optimizing your stats in this way will give you a good balance of survivability, melee damage output, and spellcasting capability.

Strategy for the ‘Death’s Poker’ Build

The key to mastering this build is balance. You must balance your melee combat with your spellcasting, using both to your advantage. When you encounter enemies, start with a powerful spell such as Dark Edge or Great Deep Soul to weaken them. Then switch to your Black Knight Greatsword and finish them off with a few powerful strikes. If you face larger groups of enemies, use spells such as Black Fire Orb or Chaos Storm to take them all out at once.

It is also essential to use your armor to your advantage. If you have heavier armor, use your poise to your advantage, tanking hits to get close to your enemies for melee combat. With lighter armor, focus more on mobility and dodging to stay out of harm’s way.


The ‘Death’s Poker’ build is an excellent choice for players who want to focus on a hybrid tank/dark magic playstyle. It is a challenging build to master, but when used effectively, can make you an unstoppable force. Remember to balance your melee combat with your dark magic spells and utilize your armor to your advantage. With this build, you will be able to dominate the game and emerge victorious against even the toughest enemies.


Q1: What is the Black Knight Greatsword?
A1: The Black Knight Greatsword is a weapon in Elden Ring that deals great damage and has excellent reach. It scales with Strength and Dexterity, making it ideal for melee combat.

Q2: What is the Izalith Staff?
A2: The Izalith Staff is a staff in Elden Ring that specializes in dark magic spells. It scales with Intelligence and Faith, making it perfect for the ‘Death’s Poker’ build.

Q3: What is poise in Elden Ring?
A3: Poise is a stat in Elden Ring that determines how much damage you can take before staggering.

Q4: What is the difference between heavy and light armor in Elden Ring?
A4: Heavy armor provides more protection but reduces mobility. In contrast, light armor provides less protection but allows for better mobility.

Q5: What are some spells that the ‘Death’s Poker’ build uses?
A5: The ‘Death’s Poker’ build uses a combination of dark magic spells, including Dark Edge, Great Deep Soul, Black Fire Orb, and Chaos Storm.

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