Elden Ring’s Death Poker Build: Here’s How to Dominate with This Game-Changing Strategy

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Elden Ring’s Death Poker Build: Here’s How to Dominate with This Game-Changing Strategy

Have you tried Elden Ring’s Death Poker build yet? If not, you might be missing out on one of the most exciting and effective ways to play this upcoming action RPG from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco Entertainment. In this article, we’ll explain what the Death Poker build is, how it works, and why it’s worth considering for your next playthrough. From beginner tips to advanced tactics, we’ll give you everything you need to know to succeed with this game-changing strategy. Let’s get started.

What is the Death Poker build?

The Death Poker build is a distinctive playstyle that focuses on using a special weapon and skill combination to deal massive damage, stun enemies, and heal yourself. The key elements of the build are the Death Scythe weapon and the Poker Face skill. The Death Scythe is a powerful two-handed halberd that inflicts both physical and magic damage, scales with Strength and Intelligence stats, and has a unique attack pattern that can hit multiple enemies at once. The Poker Face skill is a passive ability that increases your critical hit rate, reduces your stamina consumption, and rewards you for timing your attacks and parries accurately. Together, these two components can create a deadly synergy that can turn even tough bosses into mere targets.

How does the Death Poker build work?

The Death Poker build works by combining the offensive power of the Death Scythe with the defensive and healing properties of the Poker Face skill. When you equip the Death Scythe with both hands, you gain access to a sweeping attack that can hit several foes in front of you, as well as a thrusting attack that can pierce through shields and armors. Both attacks benefit from the high Strength and Intelligence stats that the build requires, as well as the bonus damage from critical hits that the Poker Face skill provides. To trigger a critical hit, you need to hit an enemy while they are vulnerable, such as during their attack animation, or parry their attack with precise timing. When you do, you deal massive damage and restore some of your health, which can allow you to stay in the fight longer and sustain your assault. Additionally, the Poker Face skill reduces the stamina cost of your attacks, which can let you chain more moves together and avoid running out of stamina when you need it the most.

Why is the Death Poker build worth trying?

The Death Poker build is worth trying for several reasons. First, it offers a fun and fresh way to play Elden Ring, which is known for its challenging and diverse combat mechanics. If you’re looking for a new challenge or a way to spice up your gameplay experience, the Death Poker build can provide that. Second, it can be very effective against most types of enemies, including bosses, due to its high damage output, stun potential, and healing capabilities. If you want to beat the game on higher difficulty levels or with less gear, the Death Poker build can give you an edge. Third, it encourages a dynamic and engaging playstyle that rewards skill and timing rather than just spamming attacks or dodging. If you enjoy the thrill of well-executed combos or well-timed counters, the Death Poker build can offer that. Fourth, it can be customized and optimized to suit your preferences and playstyle, with various weapons, skills, and spells that can enhance or complement the build. If you like experimenting with different builds or creating your own unique character, the Death Poker build can accommodate that.

How do you make the most of the Death Poker build?

To make the most of the Death Poker build, here are some tips to follow:

– Invest heavily in Strength and Intelligence stats, as these are the primary attributes that affect the Death Scythe’s damage output and scaling. You may also benefit from increasing your Vitality and Endurance stats, as they can increase your survivability and stamina management.
– Upgrade your Death Scythe as soon as possible, either by finding or buying upgrade materials, or by defeating bosses and mini-bosses that drop them. The more you reinforce your weapon, the more damage it can deal and the more effective it can be in breaking enemies’ guards and poise.
– Experiment with different moves and combos that the Death Scythe offers, such as its sweeping attacks, thrusts, spins, or jumps. Try to use them in different situations and against different enemies to see what works best.
– Timing is crucial in the Death Poker build, as you need to land critical hits and parries to maximize your damage and healing. Practice your timing by observing enemies’ patterns and waiting for their tells or mistakes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different timings or attack angles to see what works best.
– Use the Poker Face skill to your advantage by constantly monitoring your critical hit rate, stamina consumption, and healing. Try to time your attacks and parries to maximize your critical hits, while conserving your stamina for crucial moments or evasions. Also, be aware of your health levels and use your healing items or spells wisely.
– Don’t be afraid to experiment with other skills, spells, or weapons that can complement the Death Poker build. For example, you may benefit from using a shield or a ranged weapon to deal with certain enemies or situations. You may also try using spells that can enhance your stats, protect you from attacks, or debuff enemies.


The Death Poker build in Elden Ring is a unique and powerful playstyle that can provide a fresh, fun, and effective way to tackle the game’s challenges. With the right combination of weapon, skills, and tactics, you can dominate your foes, stun your enemies, and heal yourself, while experiencing a thrilling and rewarding combat system. We hope that this article has given you enough information and inspiration to try out the Death Poker build for yourself. Remember to have fun and don’t give up, as the game rewards perseverance and creativity. Good luck!


1. What is the best armor to use with the Death Poker build?
There is no single best armor for the Death Poker build, as it depends on your preferences and stats. However, you may benefit from using heavier armor sets that provide more poise, defense, and absorption, as they can let you tank some hits and avoid stagger. You may also consider using armor that enhances your Strength or Intelligence stats, or that provides resistance to specific elements or status effects.

2. Can you use the Death Poker build with magic or hybrid builds?
Yes, you can combine the Death Poker build with magic or hybrid builds, as long as you invest enough points in both Strength and Intelligence. You may benefit from using spells that complement the Death Scythe’s moves, or that provide additional damage, healing, or utility. For example, you may use a magic shield or weapon buff to enhance your defenses or attacks, or you may use a healing spell or miracle to supplement your health regeneration.

3. Is the Death Poker build viable for PVP?
The Death Poker build can be viable for PVP, but it depends on your opponents’ playstyle and gear. The build’s strengths lie in its high damage output, stun potential, and healing capabilities, which can catch some players off guard or overwhelm them. However, the build also has some weaknesses, such as its slow attacks, limited range, and vulnerability to parries or backstabs. To succeed in PVP with the Death Poker build, you may need to mix up your attacks, feint, bait, and use the environment to your advantage.

4. What are some other weapons or skills that can complement the Death Poker build?
Some other weapons or skills that can complement the Death Poker build include:

– The Spear of Judgement, which is a similar halberd that scales with Dexterity and Intelligence, and inflicts magic damage and piercing damage. It also has a unique combo when used with the Moonlight Blade skill.
– The Royal Sorcerer’s Staff, which is a powerful staff that scales with Intelligence and has high spell buff, but is also a good melee weapon that can deal critical hits and benefit from the Poker Face skill.
– The Blindfold Mask, which is a helmet that increases dark damage and resistance, and enhances the effect of dark spells, hexes, or weapons, which can be useful if you use dark damage spells or the Dark Scythe weapon.

5. Can the Death Poker build be used in NG+ or higher levels of difficulty?
Yes, the Death Poker build can be used in NG+ or higher levels of difficulty, but you may need to tweak it or adapt it to the new challenges. Enemies and bosses in NG+ and beyond have increased health, damage, and resistances, which means that you need to deal more damage or find new ways to exploit their weaknesses. You may also face new enemies or bosses that require different tactics or builds. However, if you have mastered the Death Poker build in the base game, you may find that it still works well in NG+ or higher levels of difficulty, as long as you keep upgrading your gear, stats, and skills.

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