Elden Ring: Master the Art of Crafting Preserving Boluses with These Expert Tips

Elden Ring: Master the Art of Crafting Preserving Boluses with These Expert Tips

Elden Ring is a highly anticipated upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is a game set in a mystical world full of magic and danger, where players can explore various locations, fight different enemies, and craft several items. One of the things players can craft in Elden Ring is the Preserving Bolus. In this article, we will provide you with expert tips on how to master the art of crafting and using Preserving Boluses.

What is Preserving Bolus?

Before we dive into the crafting process, let’s first understand what Preserving Bolus is. Preserving Bolus is an item that can be crafted in Elden Ring. It is a consumable item that you can use to preserve your weapons and armor. It is also useful for retaining the effects of consumable items like grass or mushrooms.

Crafting Preserving Bolus

To craft Preserving Bolus, you will need to gather the following materials:

– 1x Small Lizard
– 1x Small Fang

Once you have these materials, head to the nearest crafting station, and follow the steps below:

1. Open your crafting menu and navigate to the Preserving Bolus section.
2. Select the Preserving Bolus recipe and confirm that you have the necessary materials.
3. Select the option to craft the Preserving Bolus.

Using Preserving Bolus

Now that you know how to craft Preserving Bolus let’s move on to how to use it.

Using Preserving Bolus is simple. Head to your inventory and select the Preserving Bolus item. Press the button to use it, and your weapon or armor will be preserved. It will become more durable and can last longer in battles.

Expert Tips for Crafting and Using Preserving Bolus

1. Stock up on Preserving Bolus. One of the key benefits of Preserving Bolus is its ability to preserve consumable items. If you’re a seasoned player, you know the importance of having a good supply of useful consumables like grass or mushrooms. With Preserving Bolus, you can make sure that you preserve them for longer use.

2. Use Preserving Bolus in battles. The longer your weapon or armor lasts in battles, the greater your chances of victory. Make sure to use Preserving Bolus to increase the durability of your gear, especially in challenging battles.

3. Keep a lookout for crafting materials. Small Lizards and Small Fangs are not easy to come by as they are rare materials. Keep an eye out for them, and always have enough of them in your inventory to craft Preserving Bolus when you need it.


Crafting Preserving Bolus is an essential skill for any Elden Ring player. It can help you keep your gear in top condition and save you the trouble of having to constantly repair or replace it. Remember to craft Preserving Bolus whenever you can, and use it wisely in battles. This expert guide has given you all the tips and tricks you need to master the art of crafting and using Preserving Bolus.


1. Where can I find Small Lizards and Small Fangs?
You can find Small Lizards in swampy areas, while Small Fangs can be obtained from some beasts or larger creatures.

2. Can Preserving Bolus be used on any item?
Preserving Bolus can only be used on weapons, shields, and armor.

3. How long does the effect of Preserving Bolus last?
The effect of Preserving Bolus lasts for a reasonable amount of time depending on the duration of the battle.

4. Can I stack multiple Preserving Boluses on one item?
No, you can only apply one Preserving Bolus to an item at a time.

5. Can I sell Preserving Bolus items to merchants in Elden Ring?
Yes, you can sell Preserving Bolus items to various merchants in the game.

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