Elden Ring Guide: Troubleshooting Friend Summoning Issues

Elden Ring is the much-anticipated action-role playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Set in a mysterious and fantastical world, Elden Ring provides players with a riveting gaming experience that is enhanced when playing with friends. However, some players have reported issues with friend summoning in the game. In this article, we will explore the most common issues players face while trying to summon friends and provide troubleshooting techniques to help players overcome these issues.

Heading 1: Understanding The Basics Of Friend Summoning In Elden Ring
To start with, let’s understand the basics of friend summoning in Elden Ring. In this game, players can summon friends to assist them during difficult fights. However, friend summoning is subject to certain constraints such as:
– Players need to use the same summoning item as their friends.
– The host must be within the right soul level range of the summoned players.
– The players must also be within the network range of each other.

Heading 2: Common Issues With Friend Summoning In Elden Ring
While friend summoning is an exciting feature, there are a few issues that players face while trying to connect with their friends. Here’s a list of the most common issues:

Issue 1: Unable To Find Friends To Summon
Players can spend a considerable amount of time trying to locate their friends to no avail. Despite following all the in-game instructions, the player may not be able to find their friends to summon them.

Issue 2: Summoning Fails Regardless Of The Efforts
In some cases, the player can see their friends’ signs, but the summoning fails regardless of the efforts to make a connection.

Issue 3: Friends Unable To Join The Game
In some instances, players can see their friends’ summon sign, but they are unable to join the game.

Heading 3: Troubleshooting Tips For Friend Summoning Issues In Elden Ring
Now, let’s explore some troubleshooting tips for the common issues that players face while friend summoning in Elden Ring:

Tip 1: Confirm That Your Internet Is Stable
Ensure that you have a stable internet connection; you can check the signal strength/speed of your internet connection. As Elden Ring heavily relies on online connectivity, a stable connection is essential.

Tip 2: Restart The Game
Sometimes, in-game issues or limitations can lead to problems with friend summoning. Restarting the game can help to solve such problems.

Tip 3: Check The Game Settings
Ensure that the game settings are appropriately configured. Ensure that Personal Area Network is enabled, and your privacy settings are adjusted to allow summons.

Tip 4: Check Your NAT Type
Check your NAT Type, if it is strict or moderate, consider contacting your internet service provider to fix it. In this case, you may not be able to join other people’s games or have friends join your game.

Tip 5: Use A Password to Connect With Your Friends
To overcome any soul level constraints, players can use passwords to connect with their friends. By inputting the same password, players can bypass the soul level range restriction.

Tip 6: Check your Network Settings
Ensure that your router’s ports needed to sustain online gameplay are opened. Also, check your firewall to make sure that it isn’t blocking invasion or co-op in the game.

Heading 4: Conclusion
Friend summoning in Elden Ring is an exciting and engaging feature that enhances the gameplay experience. However, connecting with friends can be a challenge, as there are several constraints, such as soul levels, network range, and summon items. While players might experience problems while trying to connect with their friends, the troubleshooting tips explored in this article can help to solve these issues.


Q1. How Do You Summon A Friend in Elden Ring?
Ans: To summon a friend in Elden Ring, make sure that you and your friend have the same summoning item, and you are both within the same soul level range. You can then look for the summon sign of your friend in-game.

Q2. What Is The Purpose Of Summoning A Friend In Elden Ring?
Ans: The purpose of summoning a friend in Elden Ring is to get their assistance during difficult fights in the game.

Q3. Can You Summon More Than One Friend At The Same Time In Elden Ring?
Ans: Yes, you can summon more than one friend at the same time in Elden Ring.

Q4. Do You Need An Internet Connection To Summon A Friend In Elden Ring?
Ans: Yes, you need an internet connection to summon a friend in Elden Ring.

Q5. What Is The Difference Between A White Summoning Sign And A Red Summoning Sign In Elden Ring?
Ans: The white summoning sign is for co-operative play. Players with white summon signs are summoned to assist the host player in combat. The red summon sign is for invading other players’ worlds to fight against them.

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