Elden Ring Fans Disappointed as Can’t See Friends Sign Hinders Multiplayer Experience: Find Out How to Get Around It

Elden Ring Fans Disappointed as Can’t See Friends Sign Hinders Multiplayer Experience: Find Out How to Get Around It

Elden Ring fans were beyond excited to finally have a multiplayer option in their favorite game. However, some fans are now disappointed as the “Can’t See Friends” sign hinders the multiplayer experience. Fortunately, fans have discovered ways to get around this issue, and we’ll explore them in this article.

What is the “Can’t See Friends” sign?

The “Can’t See Friends” sign is a notification that appears when you attempt to summon your friends for a multiplayer session in Elden Ring. This notification is equivalent to a blocked status and is caused by several factors, including connectivity issues or game differences.

Why are Elden Ring fans disappointed?

Players who depend on multiplayer sessions to advance in the game are the most affected. For instance, many players find it difficult to take down several bosses without the presence of other players, which may result in numerous deaths, loss of progress, and wasted time.

Moreover, players enjoy experiencing the game with their friends, and the inability to do so due to the “Can’t See Friends” sign is frustrating for fans. It then becomes imperative to seek a solution to ensure uninterrupted multiplayer sessions.

How can fans get around the “Can’t See Friends” sign?

Here are five ways fans can bypass the “Can’t See Friends” sign to enjoy seamless multiplayer sessions:

1. Use a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an excellent solution for players affected by geo-restrictions. With a VPN, players can bypass restrictions and connect to a multiplayer session without hassle.

2. Communicate with your service provider

If your “Can’t See Friends” sign is due to a connectivity issue or firewall, it’s best to communicate with your service provider. You can then make the necessary adjustments to ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

3. Port Forwarding

Port Forwarding is a process that allows players using routers to optimize their multiplayer gaming experience. With port forwarding, players can ensure that their gaming traffic is directed to their consoles without hindrance.

4. Use Third-party Software

Third-party software such as Hamachi allows players to create virtual networks that can bypass the “Can’t See Friends” sign. Players can connect using a network ID and password and enjoy uninterrupted multiplayer sessions.

5. Switch to the Same Region

Players gaming from different regions are more likely to encounter the “Can’t See Friends” sign. Fortunately, switching to the same region could solve the problem. Players can do this by selecting the same server or region during gameplay.


The “Can’t See Friends” sign is an issue Elden Ring fans face when attempting to summon friends for a multiplayer gaming session. However, players have found ways to bypass this issue, such as using a VPN, communicating with service providers, Port Forwarding, using third-party software, or switching to the same region. With one of these solutions, Elden Ring fans can enjoy seamless and uninterrupted multiplayer gaming experiences.


1. Can I play Elden Ring without an internet connection?

Yes, Elden Ring can be played in offline mode without an internet connection. However, some features may be unavailable.

2. Can I still summon strangers?

Yes, even with the “Can’t See Friends” sign, players can still summon strangers for a multiplayer session.

3. How do I set up port forwarding?

To set up port forwarding, go to your router settings and locate the “Port Forwarding” option. Then, add the necessary ports for Elden Ring and save the settings.

4. Can I use any VPN for Elden Ring?

Yes, you can use any VPN for Elden Ring, as long as it’s reliable and secure.

5. How can I invite friends to a multiplayer session?

To invite friends to a multiplayer session, ensure you’re in online mode, and your friends are listed in your “Friends” section. Then, select their name and invite them to your game.

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