Elden Ring: Everything You Need to Know About the Highly-Anticipated Game

Elden Ring: Everything You Need to Know About the Highly-Anticipated Game

Elden Ring is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The game is being directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, who is responsible for creating some of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time, including Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Elden Ring has been highly-anticipated by fans of Miyazaki’s previous games, and its announcement at E3 2019 caused a lot of excitement among gamers. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Elden Ring, from its plot and setting to its gameplay mechanics and release date.

Plot and Setting

Elden Ring is set in a fictional world called The Lands Between, which is said to be a vast, open-world environment that players will be able to explore freely. The story revolves around the Elden Ring, a mystical artifact that was shattered by an unknown entity, causing a great disturbance in the world.

Players will assume the role of a Tarnished, a protagonist who has been exiled from their homeland and seeks to restore the Elden Ring to its former glory. Along the way, players will encounter a variety of different characters, both friendly and hostile, and will have to navigate through a world filled with danger and mystery.

Gameplay Mechanics

Elden Ring is described as a spiritual successor to Miyazaki’s earlier games, but with some new gameplay mechanics added to the mix. The game will feature real-time combat that emphasizes player skill and strategy, with a variety of different weapons and spells to choose from.

Players will also be able to customize their characters with various armor sets and weapons, as well as level up their stats through a deep RPG system. The game will also include multiplayer elements, allowing players to team up with others to take on powerful bosses or explore the world together.

Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for Elden Ring yet. The game was originally announced in 2019 with a vague release window of “coming soon”, but since then there has been no further information on when players can expect to get their hands on it.

However, Miyazaki has stated that the game is currently in development and that he and his team are working hard to make it the best it can be. Hopefully, we will hear more news about Elden Ring’s release date in the near future.


Elden Ring is shaping up to be an exciting and challenging game that combines the best elements of Miyazaki’s previous games with some new features that should appeal to both new and old fans. With a rich setting, deep and rewarding gameplay mechanics, and an air of mystery and danger, Elden Ring is likely to be a must-play game for many gamers.


1. Will Elden Ring be released on all platforms?
A: Elden Ring is set to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

2. Can players create their own characters in Elden Ring?
A: Yes, players will be able to create and customize their characters in Elden Ring.

3. Will Elden Ring have an online multiplayer mode?
A: Yes, Elden Ring will have online multiplayer elements that allow players to team up with others to take on bosses and explore the world together.

4. Will there be a beta before the game’s release?
A: Bandai Namco has not announced any plans for a beta at this time.

5. Will Elden Ring have any connection to Miyazaki’s previous games, such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne?
A: Elden Ring is not set in the same universe as Miyazaki’s previous games, but it will feature some of the same gameplay mechanics and themes.

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