Does GFuel Work? Benefits of the NEW Formula

G-Fuel has changed its formula several times over the last couple years and recently changed the formula again. With the most recent changes the question at hand is ‘Does GFuel Work?‘. Which ingredients changed and how does each ingredient benefit you and your gaming experience?

The Original Formula

G-Fuel’s original formula was a huge success for many years, but was slightly tweaked not too long ago. In the image below you’ll see the original formula on the left and the newer old version on the right.

gfuel orginial formula comparism

G-Fuel made two big changes to the original formula. The first change was cutting the overall calories per serving from 25 to 15 calories by taking out two grams of carbohydrates. This change looks better on the consumer, because it shows overall less calories, but does not affect how G-Fuel works. No matter if you are gaming or working you will not notice the missing two grams of carbohydrates.

Next G-Fuel cut down their antioxidant complex by almost 140mg, going from 163.5mg down to 26mg. The reason for this is unclear, but does not affect you as the consumer. The antioxidant complex is a nice healthy statement that G-Fuel can put on their labels but does not answer the question ‘Does GFuel work?‘.

G-Fuel’s Newest Formula

A huge downside to G-Fuel’s previous formulas was that the consumer never knew how much of each ingredient was consumed in a single serving. G-Fuel ever only listed the amount consumed by each of its three complexes, Energy Complex, Focus Complex and the Antioxidant Complex. There was no way for the consumer to know how each complex was put together.

gfuel new formula

G-Fuel’s new formula still contains 15 calories which come from three grams of carbohydrates but the new label now lists exact amounts of each ingredient instead of amount per complex. With this new information the question ‘Does GFuel work?’ can finally be answered more specifically.


The first ingredient on the list, because it makes up the highest amount, is Taurine. Taurine does not only help with hydration and electrolyte balances, but is often combined with caffeine as a counter part. Taurine helps to calm the nervous and take the edge off that people often experience when taking caffeine alone.

The recommended dosage for Taurine is 500mg-2000mg. G-Fuel delivers 1000mg and falls right into the recommended range. Therefore Taurine could be beneficial and show affects in the end consumer.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid and the backbone of G-Fuel’s promises. Tyrosine is associated with improving mental focus, memory and overall mental performance in stressful situations. One of G-Fuel’s claims is to increase focus and alertness, which falls back onto L-Tyrosine.

The recommended dosage is again 500mg-2000mg. With one serving of G-Fuel you consume 999mg, falling again right into the recommended amount. With that fact alone there is the potential that you experience benefits from L-Tyrosine. However Tyrosine was found to be most effective when consumed for a period of time with around 2000mg/daily.

L-Citrulline Malate

If you are an athlete or workout on a competitive level you most likely have come across L-Citrulline in your pre-workout supplement. L-Citrulline helps your arteries to relax or in other words widen, which increases blood flow. With increased blood flow comes an increased supply of oxygen which enhances the muscles performance, including your brain. In the fitness industry this supplement is used to increase physical performance and endurance.

The recommended dosage for L-Citrulline is upwards of 2000mg and most pre-workout supplement deliver around 4000mg-6000mg per serving. One serving of G-Fuel provides you with 500mg which is severely under the recommend dosage for athletes but could be very slightly beneficial in a gaming/working scenario.


As the fourth ingredient, ranked by amounts, is caffeine. Almost everyone knows caffeine and knows it is consumed in coffee products, soda and energy drinks. Caffeine helps to wake you up, increase alertness and focus.

There is no recommend dosage for caffeine, however the FDA sets an upper limit of 400mg/day for adults. Minors should have very limit to no caffeine at all. Consuming too much caffeine, or caffeine sensitive can cause you to be unwell. Common symptoms are sweats, elevated heart rate and jitters.

One serving of G-Fuel provides 140mg of caffeine which is equivalent to two espresso or three cups of coffee. This amount is tolerated by the common consumer and a safe amount for most people. Slightly higher doses could cause jitters in caffeine sensitive individuals and lower doses would show little benefits.

The Rest

The remaining four ingredients on the label are dosed in very little amounts and do not affect the consumer in a significant way. Companies often add more ingredients for marketing purposes which is often referred to as dusting. In G-Fuel’s case it is unclear if they are byproducts or added in on purpose.

Does GFuel Work?

does gfuel work alertness image

Based on the information above G-Fuel does work. While the key ingredients are dosed at the lower end of the recommendation, they do fall within the range and therefore have the potential to affect the consumer in a way G-Fuel claims.

However G-Fuel might not work the same for everyone. There is much more to take into account than a few ingredients. Your mental state, sleep, nutrition all works together and affects your gaming experience or work flow. G-Fuel is a luxury product and should be treated as such.

If you want to learn more about G-Fuel and it’s common questions, I recommend this read ‘Is GFuel Bad For You?’. If you would like to pick up some G-Fuel and support SLA click here.

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