Discover the Secrets of Elden Ring: How to Find Maiden’s Blood

Elden Ring has been one of the most highly anticipated games for quite some time now. Fans of the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne have been waiting to dive into this new immersive world that is being conjured by the creative forces of FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin. With the game set to release soon, the hype surrounding Elden Ring has continued to grow, and with that, the hunt for game secrets has already begun. Here we will be discussing one such secret that has been garnering attention: How to find Maiden’s Blood.

What is Maiden’s Blood?

Maiden’s Blood is an item found in Elden Ring that is used to resurrect yourself after you die. This item is essential to surviving in the game and to continue exploring the beautiful realm that Elden Ring has to offer. Finding this item can be a bit of a challenge for players, as it is hidden in a particular area of the game world.

Where Can One Find Maiden’s Blood?

The first step to finding Maiden’s Blood is to head toward the Cathedral of the Eternal Flame in the Golden Valley. Inside the cathedral, players will find a giant statue that is holding a spear. Players will need to climb the steps to reach the upper level of the statue, where they will find a switch that needs to be activated. Once activated, the statue will move, revealing a hidden path behind it.

Following the path, players will come across a locked gate that requires a key. This key can be obtained by defeating the Gilded Knight, who is guarding a nearby tower. Once players have the key, they can return to the gate and unlock it, revealing a hidden garden.

Navigating the garden can be tricky, as it is filled with enemies and obstacles that players will need to overcome. However, with persistence, players will be able to find Maiden’s Blood in the garden’s center. Once players have obtained this item, they can use it to resurrect themselves and continue their journey through the game.

Why is Maiden’s Blood Important?

As mentioned before, Maiden’s Blood is essential to survive in Elden Ring. With the game’s challenging difficulty, players will undoubtedly die multiple times, making this item an asset to have. Not only does Maiden’s Blood allow players to resurrect themselves, but it also replenishes their health and mana, providing a significant advantage in combat situations.


Elden Ring promises to be an incredible gaming experience, and the hunt for Maiden’s Blood adds another layer of excitement for fans. Following the steps outlined above, players will be able to obtain this highly sought-after item and continue their journey through the game. The search for secrets in Elden Ring is ongoing, and it will be exciting to see what other hidden treasures this game has to offer.


1. Can Maiden’s Blood be used multiple times?

– Yes, Maiden’s Blood can be used multiple times, allowing players to resurrect themselves multiple times.

2. Is it difficult to find Maiden’s Blood?

– Yes, it can be challenging to find Maiden’s Blood, but with persistence and patience, players can obtain it.

3. Can the Gilded Knight be defeated at any time?

– Yes, the Gilded Knight can be defeated at any time, but it is recommended that players have a strong character build before attempting to defeat it.

4. Is there any benefit to finding multiple Maiden’s Blood items?

– No, there is no benefit to finding multiple Maiden’s Blood items, as they can only be used once before they disappear.

5. Can Maiden’s Blood be used in multiplayer mode?

– No, Maiden’s Blood cannot be used in multiplayer mode, as players are resurrected automatically in that mode.

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