Discover the Secret to Obtaining Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring: Your Ultimate Guide!

Elden Ring has been one of the most anticipated games since its initial announcement back in 2019. FromSoftware, the game developers behind the wildly popular Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, is responsible for creating yet another masterpiece in the gaming world. The game’s trailer shows a beautiful and mystical world filled with breathtaking vistas, forbidding ruins, and dark creatures.

One of the game’s most sought-after items is Maiden’s Blood. While it may seem like a small aspect of the game, the truth is that Maiden’s Blood can impact your gameplay significantly. It can help you upgrade your weapons, increase your health, and provide other benefits you can use while exploring the game. But what is Maiden’s Blood, and how can you get it? Here’s your ultimate guide to obtaining Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring:

What is Maiden’s Blood?

Maiden’s Blood is an item in Elden Ring that players can use to increase the power of their weapons. It is a rare item that is difficult to come by in the game, but it can be incredibly beneficial once you have it. The item is named after the maidens who sacrifice themselves to the eldritch beings to obtain it.

How to Find Maiden’s Blood

There are several ways to obtain Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring. One way is to defeat specific bosses in the game. Bosses such as the Maiden of Fath, the Dmaidr, and the High Priest can drop Maiden’s Blood. You can repeat the boss fights to farm for the item, but keep in mind that it’s a rare drop, so it may take a while for you to find the desired amount.

Another way to obtain Maiden’s Blood is to explore the game’s various areas. Some of the items scattered around the game can contain Maiden’s Blood. Explore the ruins, dungeons, and other places you encounter on your journey, and you may come across some.

One reliable way to get Maiden’s Blood is by interacting with NPCs in the game. They may offer you quests that require you to obtain Maiden’s Blood as one of the rewards. Completing these quests will give you a steady supply of the item.

Tips to Obtaining Maiden’s Blood

Getting Maiden’s Blood can be time-consuming, but there are a few things you can do to streamline the process:

– Explore every area you encounter, even if it seems out of the way. You never know what you may find on your journey, and it’s always good to be prepared.
– Keep an eye out for NPCs, as they can offer quests that reward you with the item.
– Be patient when farming bosses for Maiden’s Blood; it’s a rare item, so it may take some time to acquire enough.


Maiden’s Blood may seem like a small aspect of Elden Ring, but it is essential to your gameplay. It can provide you with numerous benefits, helping you progress faster through the game. While it may be difficult to obtain, it is worth the effort. Remember to explore, complete quests, and challenge bosses to find Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring.


1. Can I buy Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring?
No, you cannot buy Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring. You must earn it by exploring, fighting bosses, and completing quests.

2. How many Maiden’s Blood items do I need to upgrade my weapon?
The number of Maiden’s Blood items needed to upgrade your weapon varies based on the weapon level and the upgrade you want to make.

3. Are there any other items I can use to upgrade my weapons?
Yes, there are other items you can use, such as titanite shards, to upgrade your weapons. However, Maiden’s Blood is one of the most potent weapons upgrade items in the game.

4. Is there a limit to the number of Maiden’s Blood items I can carry?
No, there is no limit to the number of Maiden’s Blood items you can carry.

5. Can I share Maiden’s Blood with other players?
No, Maiden’s Blood is a single-player item, meaning it cannot be shared with other players in multiplayer mode.

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