Discover the Secret to finding Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring – your ultimate guide awaits!

Discover the Secret to Finding Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring – Your Ultimate Guide Awaits!

Elden Ring is the latest release from Bandai Namco Entertainment, and if you’re one of the many gamers playing it right now, you’ll soon discover the importance of finding Maiden’s Blood. It’s a rare and valuable item that can give you a much-needed boost in the game. But finding it can be a challenge, and that’s why we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll explore the secret to finding Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring, step-by-step, so you can get your hands on this powerful item.

What is Maiden’s Blood?

Before we delve into the details of finding Maiden’s Blood, let’s first discuss what it is. Maiden’s Blood is a rare and valuable item in Elden Ring that can be used to increase your maximum health. It’s a potent healing item that can also cure status ailments like poison and bleeding.

Where to Find Maiden’s Blood

Now that you know what Maiden’s Blood is let’s explore where to find it. A good place to start your search is in the Eclipsed Peak. There, you’ll find crystalized corpses, and if you smash them with a heavy weapon, it will reveal new items. Keep smashing until you find one called “Soothing Gel,” and then use it on a chilling figure in the room. This will reveal a ladder that leads to a hidden room where Maiden’s Blood can be found.

Another place to look for Maiden’s Blood is in the castle ruins. Follow the path towards the entrance, and as you get close, you’ll notice a bloodstained stone. Interact with it to reveal a hidden entrance that leads to a chamber full of enemies. Defeat all of them, and you’ll find a chest containing- you guessed it- Maiden’s Blood.

A third option is to visit the ruins of the Tower of Tooth. Here, you’ll find a crystal near the edge of a cliff. Smash it to reveal a hidden room with various items, including Maiden’s Blood.

Tips for Finding Maiden’s Blood

Finding Maiden’s Blood can be a challenge, so here are some tips to help make your search easier:

– Search every nook and cranny. Maiden’s Blood can be found in hidden rooms or in chests that are typically off the beaten path.
– Look for clues. Many locations have hints that point towards Maiden’s Blood, such as bloodstained stones or crystalized corpses.
– Bring a heavy weapon. You’ll need to smash certain items to get Maiden’s Blood, so make sure you’re equipped with a heavy weapon.
– Be prepared for a fight. Many locations with Maiden’s Blood have enemies nearby, so make sure you’re ready to face them.


Finding Maiden’s Blood in Elden Ring can be challenging, but it’s also essential if you want to increase your health and stay alive in the game. By following the steps we’ve outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to finding this valuable item. Remember to search carefully, look for hints, and be prepared for a fight. With a little persistence and strategy, you’ll get your hands on Maiden’s Blood in no time.


Q: Can Maiden’s Blood be used more than once?
A: Yes, you can use Maiden’s Blood multiple times to increase your maximum health.

Q: How do I make sure I’m ready for a fight when searching for Maiden’s Blood?
A: Make sure you have the right equipment and weapons before venturing out. You’ll also want to level up your stats and practice your combat skills.

Q: What other items can be found in the hidden rooms that contain Maiden’s Blood?
A: There are many other valuable items to be found in these hidden rooms, including weapons, armor, and healing items.

Q: Is there a specific order I should search for Maiden’s Blood?
A: No, you can search for Maiden’s Blood in any order you like, but some locations may be easier or more challenging depending on your level and equipment.

Q: How rare is Maiden’s Blood?
A: Maiden’s Blood is a rare item, but it can be found in certain locations with persistence and strategy.

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