Discover the Secret Behind Nickmercs’ Gaming Success with His Chair of Choice

Discover the Secret Behind Nickmercs’ Gaming Success with His Chair of Choice

As a competitive gamer, success is often measured by the number of wins acquired. And when it comes to professional gaming, esports have become an outlet for players to compete against each other and showcase their skills. One of the most successful esports players is Nick Kolcheff, popularly known as Nickmercs. But what makes Nickmercs stand out among other gamers? Perhaps it’s his chair of choice.

Nickmercs, an American content creator, started his gaming career by playing Gears of War before making the switch to Call of Duty in 2010. Since then, he has become one of the leading players in the industry, garnering millions of followers on various social media platforms. But amidst his popularity, Nickmercs has one secret weapon that all his fans may have overlooked – his chair.

Nickmercs Gaming Chair

Nickmercs has been using the Herman Miller Aeron chair for years now, a high-end ergonomic chair that is designed to provide maximum comfort for long hours of gaming. But what makes the Aeron chair so special?

Ergonomic Design

The Aeron chair is equipped with numerous ergonomic features that cater to the gamers’ comfort. It has adjustable arms, lumbar support, and a tilt mechanism that allows the user to adjust the seat angle. The chair is also designed to distribute pressure evenly across the body, preventing numbness and back pain. With an ergonomic chair like the Aeron, Nickmercs can play for long hours without experiencing discomfort.

Material Quality

One of the essential features of a good gaming chair is the quality of its materials. The Aeron chair is made with high-quality materials, including mesh upholstery, that ensures breathability and durability. The chair’s frame is made with a lightweight and robust material that can hold up to 350 pounds, making it suitable for individuals of any size.

Design Aesthetics

Aside from functionality, the chair’s design is just as important, especially for content creators like Nickmercs. The Aeron chair has a modern design that would fit any gaming setup or office environment. It also comes in different colors, allowing users to choose a color that matches their personal style.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Chair

Investing in an ergonomic chair like Nickmercs could provide gamers with numerous benefits. Here are five benefits of using an ergonomic chair for gaming:

1. Reduce pain and discomfort: Ergonomic chairs provide proper support to the back and neck, which can prevent numbness, pain, and discomfort that are often experienced while sitting for prolonged periods.

2. Improve posture: By providing lumbar support, ergonomic chairs could help maintain good posture, reducing the risk of back problems.

3. Enhance productivity: An ergonomic chair allows gamers to sit comfortably for longer hours, increasing productivity and focus.

4. Increase blood circulation: Sitting in a non-ergonomic chair could lead to reduced blood circulation, but an ergonomic chair can provide the proper support to keep it flowing.

5. Long-term investment: Investing in a good ergonomic chair can be considered as a long-term investment. A good quality chair can last for years, preventing the need for frequent replacements.


In today’s world, gaming has become more than just a recreational hobby. It has evolved into a competitive industry where players aim for the top. And to achieve that, players must have the right equipment, including a suitable chair that provides maximum comfort and functionality. No wonder Nickmercs has chosen the Herman Miller Aeron chair as his chair of choice for gaming. It provides the necessary ergonomic features to allow him to play for long hours comfortably. Additionally, ergonomic chairs provide numerous benefits, making them a worthy investment for any gamer.


1. Where can I purchase an ergonomic chair like Nickmercs?
Answer: The Herman Miller Aeron chair is available for purchase from various retailers and sites, including Herman Miller’s official website.

2. How much does an ergonomic chair like Nickmercs cost?
Answer: The cost of an ergonomic chair varies depending on the brand and features. The Herman Miller Aeron chair, for example, ranges from $1,000 to $1,500.

3. Can an ergonomic chair improve my gaming performance?
Answer: While an ergonomic chair is not a direct factor in improving gaming performance, it could provide comfort and reduce distraction, allowing for better focus and productivity.

4. Does an ergonomic chair require maintenance?
Answer: Like any other furniture, an ergonomic chair requires cleaning and maintenance. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance recommendations.

5. Can an ergonomic chair benefit non-gamers as well?
Answer: Yes, an ergonomic chair could benefit anyone who sits for long hours, including office workers, programmers, freelancers, and more.

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