Dirt 5 Leaves the Xbox One X Eating Dirt! 120 FPS

     If you want to show off what your new Xbox series X hardware can do than look no further than a racing game more specifically Dirt 5!

     You are going to be able to witness some of the best cross generation graphics available in a video game with dirt five on the Xbox series X.

     This game runs on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X (not including the PC version and all Play Stations). 

     In my testing I was able to figure out that the game comes with three game modes, but in reality I think it should only have 2. The game has graphics mode, resolution mode, frame rate mode.

     Both the graphics and resolution mode target is 60 FPS target, but both do drop here and there to about 55FPS. With a variable refresh rate enabled TV or monitor you won’t notice it at all. The frame rate mode targets 120 FPS if your TV supports it or 60 FPS locked at 60 FPS if your TV or monitor does not have 120 Hz mode.

     Graphically the game in my opinion looks the best in the graphics mode because it comes with better texture quality and shadow quality plus the rendering of objects is pushed further out. 

     The resolution mode does look sharper, but it does lose enough graphical settings that it makes me feel like I’m missing out. That is if you were playing on the new consoles. But if you are playing on the Xbox One X I then suggest go for a frame Rate mode because it runs at 60 FPS instead of 30 FPS.

     To me personally racing games at 120 FPS are not that impressive compared to a shooting game or any game that is competitive. I personally play the game at 60 FPS graphical mode because 60 FPS is good enough for racing and the graphical settings are just gorgeous.

     Don’t take my word for it go look at the video itself and let me know in social media using the hashtag ENDWARO7 or #streamingliveacademy to share your opinions. 

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