Deal Alert: Broken PS5 for Sale – Get it Fix or Sell it for Parts

Deal Alert: Broken PS5 for Sale – Get it Fixed or Sell it for Parts

If you’re a gamer, you know the importance of having a PS5. But what happens when your PS5 breaks down? Do you get it fixed or sell it for parts? This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on what you can do with a broken PS5.

What are the common problems with PS5?

The PS5 is a wonderful gaming console that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. However, with every technological device, glitches are bound to happen, and the PS5 is no exception. The common problems experienced with PS5 include:

1. Disc reading issues: Some PS5 owners have reported issues with the console struggling to read discs.

2. HDMI port problems: The HDMI port on PS5 is prone to failure, which is often accompanied by a ‘No Signal’ error.

3. Overheating issues: The PS5 can overheat, and when it does, it shuts down when it reaches high temperatures.

4. Power supply issues: The power supply unit can fail, leading to the console not turning on.

What are your options when your PS5 is broken?

1. Get it repaired by a professional:
If your PS5 is under warranty, you can contact Sony for repairs. You can also reach out to different repair shops that offer PS5 repair services. Be sure to research and compare prices before settling on a repair facility.

2. Fix it yourself:
If you’re DIY savvy, you can fix your PS5 yourself. You can follow online repair guides or YouTube tutorials. However, be careful when opening up your console as it may void the warranty.

3. Sell it for parts:
If repairing your console seems cost-prohibitive or daunting, you can sell your parts. You can advertise on local online classified sites such as Craigslist or offer them on eBay.

4. Scrap it:
Sometimes the best option when a console is broken is to dispose of it. You can take it to an electronic recyclers where they will dispose of the console properly.

Pros and cons of fixing your PS5:


1. Cost-effective:
As opposed to purchasing a new console, repairing your PS5 is cost-effective.

2. Retain data:
When you get your PS5 repaired, you retain the saved data in your console.


1. Time-consuming:
Getting your PS5 repaired takes time, and you might be without your console for an extended period.

2. Limited warranty:
When you repair your PS5, the warranty only covers that which was repaired, and you might need to pay for other damages not covered by the warranty.

Pros and cons of selling parts of broken PS5:


1. Quick money:
Selling parts of your PS5 can be a quick way to make money.

2. No repair needed:
You don’t have to worry about repairing your PS5 when you sell its parts.


1. Less money:
Selling individual parts of your PS5 will not get you as much money as selling the console.

2. Niche market:
It can be difficult to find buyers for individual parts, as the market is not as widespread as the console market.


When it comes to dealing with a broken PS5, you have four options to choose from: repair it, fix it yourself, sell it for parts, or scrap it. You need to look at the pros and cons of each option and pick the one that works best for your situation. However, remember to take precautions and always seek professional advice before opening up your console.


1. Will fixing my PS5 void the warranty?
If your PS5 is under warranty, then repairing it yourself may void the warranty. Contact the manufacturer or repair shops for advice.

2. How much can I expect to sell my broken PS5 for?
It depends on the severity and type of damage. On average, a broken PS5 can fetch between $100 and $300.

3. Should I still try to repair my PS5 if it’s not under warranty?
Yes, if you’re confident in your abilities or if it’s cost-efficient to do so.

4. Can I sell the entire console for parts?
Yes, you can sell the entire console for parts, but expect to receive less than when selling a working console.

5. Can I sell my broken PS5 on eBay?
Yes, you can sell your broken PS5 on eBay, but be sure to specify that it’s damaged or broken in the product description.

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