Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed Again…Even After It Went Gold

     It is 2020 so if you are surprised by the fact that cyberpunk 2077 was delayed until December 10 then I am surprised that you are surprised! Yes the game went gold just a few weeks ago, but gold does not mean that it will come out even though he usually does. There are a few games in history like golden 007 rogue agent and army of two which games got delayed after they went gold.

     I think that the game being delayed specially in the year 2020 is no surprise and we all should be expecting it especially due to COVID 19 and the release of the new consoles. When the game was going to release back in spring of this year I was excited, but expecting them to delay it until the end of the year when the new consoles were to come out. The game was delayed until September which was surprising to me since the consoles weren’t going to come out around that time and then they got delayed till November which was more plausible yet like I said it is 2020 so things got delayed until the end of this year truly December 10.

     On the controversy of the company city project red forced in crunch time on its developers I want to make sure that we all understand that in their country crunch time must be paid as extra and therefore financially it is not an issue yet I do believe that it is unhealthy to pull off such crunch time enforcement and it should be avoided, but it is something that in today’s fast paced society anyone trying to compete and stay ahead of the curve from the competitors will have to implement crunch time at any point in the company’s history. I would argue that it’s not a question about the company avoiding crunch time completely, but making sure that crunch time happens the least amount of. Making sure that the least amount of projects suffer or end up having to enforce crunch time.

     The popularity and expectations for this game is probably above and beyond almost anything out there besides Grand theft auto topping it out, but I would urge fans to relax and realize that this game will be more than likely great yet keep your expectations and check with the reality of where the devices are that are going to be able to play such game. The Xbox one S literally is ancient like flip stones ancient in tech terms of technology age. The game is very much Steel a last GEN title when it comes out. Don’t expect revolutionary features when it comes to CPU bound like physics, but do expect and require a more in-depth more high-quality open world experience as to interconnecting systems and story telling. 

     To finish I just want to remind you to check your expectations yet be excited and I have pre-ordered the game because I like to take gambles and support specific developers. In the meantime are you down for some rainbow six siege? Hit me up on social media ENDWARO7
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