Caught in a Bind: Why Some Pokemon Won’t Obey and How to Fix It

Caught in a Bind: Why Some Pokémon Won’t Obey and How to Fix It

Are you experiencing disobedience issues with your Pokémon? You’re not alone! Even trainers with years of experience and powerful Pokémon have faced the same dilemma. The thing is, while Pokémon are created to be obedient creatures, some still act out of line. The reason? It’s not always on the Pokémon, it can also be the trainer’s fault. In this article, we’ll discuss why some Pokémon won’t obey and how to fix it.

Why do Pokémon disobey trainers?

There can be various reasons why Pokémon won’t obey. Here are the top reasons why this might happen:

1. Your Pokémon’s level is too high
As Pokémon grow more powerful and their levels increase, they may not listen to weak commands from their trainers. If you don’t have the required gym badges, your higher-level Pokémon won’t obey you.

2. Disrespect and neglecting badges
The gym badge system ensures that trainers have enough experience to handle advanced Pokémon. If a trainer ignores gym badges and tries to force an unruly Pokémon to obey them, they will face disobedience issues.

3. Happiness levels
Pokémon that are unhappy or uncomfortable won’t obey their trainers. You need to make sure that the Pokémon is happy and satisfied with its living conditions, such as food and shelter.

4. Conflicting natures
Every Pokémon has its own unique nature, which influences its behavior. In some cases, the nature of a Pokémon may clash with that of its trainer, leading to disobedience issues.

How to fix disobedience problems

Now that we have discussed the reasons behind disobedience issues, let’s look at how to fix them. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Train your Pokémon regularly
The more your Pokémon trains, the more obedient it becomes. Training helps strengthen the bond between the Pokémon and the trainer, leading to better obedience.

2. Keep your Pokémon happy
Make sure your Pokémon is well-fed and maintained by giving them high-quality food and shelter. If their happiness level is high, they will be more likely to obey their trainer.

3. Be consistent with your instructions
Giving inconsistent commands to your Pokémon is a recipe for disaster. Be clear and consistent with what you want your Pokémon to do.

4. Use the right items
Certain items can increase a Pokémon’s happiness level, such as berries, vitamins, and grooming tools. Use these items to ensure that your Pokémon is at its happiest.


Disobedience problems can be frustrating for both the trainer and the Pokémon. However, with a little patience, care, and attention, you can turn a disobedient Pokémon into a loyal and obedient companion. Remember to train your Pokémon regularly, maintain their happiness level, be consistent with your commands, and use the right items. With these tips, you’ll have a well-behaved Pokémon in no time.


1. How do you know if your Pokémon is happy?
A: Check your Pokémon’s summary; if it has a heart next to its name, it means it’s happy.

2. Can disobedient Pokémon ever be fixed?
A: Yes, with the right care and attention, disobedient Pokémon can be fixed.

3. Do all Pokémon have unique natures?
A: Yes, all Pokémon have unique natures that influence their behavior.

4. Can disobedience lead to negative consequences?
A: Yes, disobedience can lead to negative consequences such as losing battles and not being able to progress in the game.

5. Should I force a disobedient Pokémon to obey me?
A: No, forcing a Pokémon to obey will only lead to more disobedience issues. Instead, try to improve their happiness level and training.

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