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OBS guide for online teaching

OBS Guide for Online Teaching 2021

Full OBS Guide for Online Teaching With the pandemic still dictating the direction of the world, most schools have transitioned to full or part time online classes. No matter what grade you are teaching, first grade or all the way up to college, you are most likely facing software that you have not used before.  … Read more

streaming setup 2021

Streaming Setup 2021

Equipment You Are WASTING Money On – STOP! Welcome to the best Streaming Setup 2021. You finally decided to join the world of content creation and start your journey as a streamer, but wait, where should you start in regards to equipment? It is easy to get lost in the vast variety of streaming equipment … Read more

WASTE OF TIME?! - Twitch Clips For YouTube

WASTE OF TIME?! – Twitch Clips For YouTube

In the past few weeks Twitch clips have made a full cycle. When the feature was first introduced in mid 2016 everyone was sceptical and saying that clips are a nice thing are probably not needed. Now in late 2020 Twitch clips are so popular and widely used that even the music industry is tasting … Read more

Twitch Entered The Music Battle - Twitch Soundtracks

Twitch Entered The Music Battle – Twitch Soundtracks

Last week Twitch announced their very own copyright free music service, specifically tailored for streamers. Here is what you need to know about their new service   Why Do We Need Copyright Free Music? Twitch requires all streamers that use their platform to play copyright free music. This rule is not new, however over 90% … Read more

Secrets to Gaming Industry Marketing

Secrets to Gaming Industry Marketing

However, now that the old stereotypes are lifeless – from elderly girls to athletes, children to accountants, everybody is enjoying gambling today. For many years, the gambling business continues to be an enigmatic challenge that lots of entrepreneurs have failed to decode. In a market space where earnings was intrinsically connected to the launching dates … Read more

budget streaming setup

The best budget streaming setup in 2021 Budget Streaming Setup in 2021 The world of streaming can be a very interesting and consuming world. While the job of a streamer is still new in society, there seems to be more equipment and gadgets out there that will bring your stream to the next level than ever before. Most of these gadgets … Read more

The 3 best 100% free editing tools for content creators

The 3 best 100% free video editing software

No matter if content creation is your hobby, side hustle or full-time job, one is for certain, it is expensive. New cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting, microphones and many more things cost a lot of money with no way around it. After investing a lot of money into your equipment, you are probably looking into proper software … Read more

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