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Twitch is DONE - Twitch DMCA Problem Explained

Twitch is DONE – Twitch DMCA Problem Explained TWITCH IS DONE, Why and how can they Fix it Okay, boys in 10 minutes Let’s digest the big news. Your twitch career has a dead end has an expiration date. That’s over. Like the yogurt. That’s the same Exactly. Once it expires. Those badly asked. True. So why guys? Why are people’s careers … Read more


BUY Twitch Affiliate NOW! How to waste 5$

Twitch Affiliate Podcast in a Nutshell Welcome to Ladies and gentlemen, this is the podcast where Jaybur, Jim, and Luk, and sometimes Seifer, sometimes decided that life is worth living. So yeah, take a seat on the couch, pull your pants down and let’s talk. Well, what an intro, which decided to make Twitch … Read more

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