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Can I Get Banned for Using The Cronus Zen?


You want to go ahead and use the Cronus Zen for using your Xbox Elite Controller on a PS5 and are wondering Can I Get Banned for Using The Cronus Zen? No worries I got the answer for you!

What is the Cronus Zen?

Cronus Zen
Zen Cronus Box – Can I Get Banned for Using The Cronus Zen?

This is the Cronus Zen which for those of you who don’t know it is a little device that can be used for good or evil. The device will allow you to use almost any input device like a controller from an Xbox to a PS5 or PS4 and vice versa. It will convert Mouse and Keyboard input to a console so your Xbox and PlayStation games that don’t support mouse and keyboard end up doing it!

The device also allows for modding of input data such as aim assistance like having a controller level of aim assist while using a mouse and keyboard which is a no no in the terms of service for multiplayer games. It is considered using aids that are illegal in the terms of service so you are in danger of getting banned if you do that.

Can I Get Banned for Using The Cronus Zen?

If you are using the Cronus Zen for good things like using an Xbox Elite controller on the PlayStation or vice versa using the DualShock controller on the Xbox console than you are in the green and there really is no way for them to catch you.

cronus zen features
Can I Get Banned for Using The Cronus Zen?

The short answer to Can I Get Banned for Using The Cronus Zen? is no and as long as you don’t use it to gain a unfair advantage over your competition thru modding the controller or input data to make you faster, stronger, and software wise better than your opponents you shouldn’t feel bad about using it. If you are giving yourself aim assist or macros then you won’t be caught and not banned, but you should be. If you consider using the Xbox Elite Controller an unfair advantage since PlayStation players don’t have access to it well that is up to debate

Can you get banned for using cronus zen, warzone?

The answer is no you can not get banned for using the Cronus Zen in Warzone as of right now. Activision has not said anything about banning people for using input devices that are not originally intended for their console. So go forth and use whatever controller you want on any console without fear!

I hope this helped clear up any confusion on the subject and as always if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments or contact me on social media!

Richard Calder
Richard Calder
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