Call of Duty Changing Their Yearly Release Cycle

Call of Duty Changing The Yearly Release Cycle

First I’m going to explain to you why I reached the conclusion of the title for this. Call of duty modern warfare was released in November 2019 and it did not have a battle royale game mode. About one or two whole seasons after the game came out they released the battle royale game mode called war zone. I personally was excited and even to this day really enjoy the battle royale genre call of duty style.

My question and disappointment was and has always been investing in the call of duty franchise. With the games like Playero known battlegrounds and Fortnite we have skins in things that we unlock and purchase that we can keep using years after the game has been released and there is no sequel that replaces that battle royale which is something I have come to enjoy a lot.

Call of duty modern warfare Warzone is a battle royale that I wanted to invest a lot when it came to unlocking things and the fact that whatever you unlock carries over to the multiplayer side of the game I really wanted to fully invest myself in the skin and unlocking grind.

 that With the start of season three I had reached a boredom with call duty modern warfare, because the game when it first came out I played it to death and even though it lacked game modes and honestly a ton of content which if you want to come online and bitch about it together then you are welcome to visit ENDWARO7 on social mmedia’s and Twitch M  on Mondays , WednesdahWednesday, FrFriday. 

I kept playing itI kept playing it And by the timeand by the time season three came out they had added the content that I felt that the game was missing, but I had already burned myself and was ready and already moving on to other games because I’m not the kind of gamer that plays only one genre or one game for a long period of time. Plus the reality that every year a new call of duty comes out even though season three had amazing content in the battle pass I found it hard to grind to the top which I really wanted to by the way the skins on that password to die for!

I found comfort and just excepting that the game was going to become irrelevant for the most part by the time fall came which is the time that I knew called he gets released which now we know it is call of duty black ops Cold War. I had made up my mind to delete the game and keep enjoying other video games. Mara skin and others  items forgone and forgotten. 

NowNow fast forwardNow fast forward to aboutNow fast forward to about two weeksNow fast forward to about two weeks or so after the announcement and reveal of call of duty black ops Cold War and we have found out that Warzone is going to remain the official battle royale for call of duty meaning that call of duty black ops cold war will not included battle royale game mode.

That to me was awesome news, but also it’s sucked! Now I found myself regretting not grinding and working towards the skins and content that I get to brag to my friends about, because I thought the game was going to become irrelevant. It’s not a serious issue, but it is a bitter first world problem/gamer problem that I’m writing this to find out and share with you, if you share the same feelings, because myInner gamer nerd feelings are hurt.

I really wanted that matte finish time a Gucci clock skin for my Tamogunchi watch. I will outgrow it and still enjoy the game and forget about it once cyberpunk 2077 comes out or other games like halo infinite and etc., but I just want to let Activision know that thank you for prolonging the existence in relevancy of your war zone game mode, but it would have been nice to have a heads up. Anyway halfway through black ops cold war they might even release a new barrel game mode for that specific game because at the end of the day it is Activision that we were talking about and the morale and the company is at least questionable. Let me know what you think using the hashtag streamingliveacademy on the social media‘s don’t forget to visit me and the other creators YouTube channels and let’s keep enjoying gaming!
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