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Twitch affiliate programs

November 17th Monstercat and Twitch announced their new partnership. If you are unfamiliar with Monstercat, the company offers copyright free music that you can use for your stream without receiving a DMCA strike. The record label Monstercat, unlike Twitch Soundtrack, is fully licensed and to our knowledge 100% safe to use. 

Monstercat announced that with the new partnership, it will fasttrack the Twitch affiliate status for Monstercat gold members. The gold membership comes with a $5 monthly subscription, and makes it sounds like it will unlock Twitch Affiliate status as well. 

Twitch Affiliate is the first milestone for any streamer on the Twitch platform. This status unlocks monetisation features for the streamer and is the first step to earning money with your passion for streaming. There are three tools that come with the affiliate status.

First Twitch will start running ads on your live stream and you, the streamer, will be compensated for those ads, very minimally. Second, viewers now have the option of buying Twitch’s currency, Bits, and donating those bits to the streamer.

On average 100 bits come out to one US dollar. The third and last tool is the Twitch subscription. Dedicated viewers can subscribe to your Twitch channel for $5/month and receive perks such as skipping ads, emotes and sub badges. 

Before you needed to check off a list of requirements in order to unlock Twitch Affiliate status.

Twitch Affiliate Requirement

Smaller streamers often refer to this process as the affiliate grind. Most people struggle with the last point “Average of 3 viewers” and sometimes grind for months and years before achieving this milestone.

If you are bringing an audience over from a different platform, you are able to achieve affiliate status in the shortest amount possible, 7 days.


When the partnership was first announced, streamers were extremely angry, especially if they had been grinding away for months and had yet not achieved affiliate status. 

After the chaos that was caused by announcing this partnership, Monstercat has now backpaddled on every single claim they previously made.

Their latest tweet states “All current Gold subscribers must meet Twitch’s Affiliate criteria. Our goal was never to take away from the achievements that Affiliates worked for in their time streaming on Twitch.”

The record label went even further and deleted sections off their website that linked the gold subscription and twitch affiliate. As of right now it is unclear on how Monstercat intends to fast track the Twitch affiliate program, and if they do not intend to fast track, then how exactly will this partnership look like. 


If you have been following the Streaming Live Academy podcasts, you are aware that we believe it is time to move to a different platform and diversify your content. If Twitch ever goes out of business, we will see who put all their eggs in one basket, and who planned for the unforeseeable.

What do you think about the new partnership of Monstercat and Twitch? Would you buy the gold subscription in order to bypass the affiliate program? Let us know in the comments below!


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