Breaking the Rules: Why Your Pokémon Won’t Obey and How to Fix it

Breaking the Rules: Why Your Pokémon Won’t Obey and How to Fix it

As a Pokémon trainer, one of the most frustrating things to encounter is disobedience from your Pokémon. When your Pokémon doesn’t obey your commands, it makes it difficult to progress through the game and can be incredibly discouraging. But what causes disobedience in your Pokémon, and how can you train your Pokémon to follow your commands consistently? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why your Pokémon may be disobedient and provide tips on how to overcome this common problem.

Reasons for Disobedience

There are several reasons why your Pokémon may be disobedient. The most common reasons include:

1. Insufficient Training: If you haven’t trained your Pokémon enough, they may not be strong enough to follow your commands. Just like real-life athletes, Pokémon need to be trained to improve their strength and endurance.

2. Low Happiness: If your Pokémon is unhappy, they may not be willing to follow your commands. Ensuring that your Pokémon’s needs are met, such as feeding them regularly and giving them attention, can help improve their happiness.

3. Lack of Badges: In the game, certain Pokémon may not be willing to obey you until you have earned a certain number of badges. Without those badges, some Pokémon may not acknowledge you as a worthy trainer.

4. Conflicting Personalities: Different Pokémon have different personalities and may not always agree with your commands. Getting to know your Pokémon and their habits can help you understand their personality better, leading to better obedience.

Fixing Disobedience

Now that we’ve identified the reasons behind disobedience, let’s explore some tips on how to train your Pokémon to obey more consistently:

1. Consistent Training: Training your Pokémon consistently is one of the most effective ways to improve their obedience. By training your Pokémon regularly, you can improve their strength and confidence, leading to better obedience.

2. Show Affection: When your Pokémon behaves well, be sure to show them affection. Feeding them their favorite food or giving them a pat on the head can help boost their happiness, leading to better obedience.

3. Earn Badges: Ensure that you have earned the required badges to resolve the issue of disobedience for some Pokémon.

4. Be Patient: Don’t expect your Pokémon to obey you immediately after training, as this process can take time. Be patient and continue to work with your Pokémon, rewarding good behavior and correcting bad behavior.

5. Understand Personalities: Each Pokémon has a unique personality, and understanding their habits can help you gain their trust and improve their obedience.


Disobedience can be frustrating for Pokémon trainers, but with the right training and patience, it can be overcome. Consistent training, showing affection, earning badges, being patient, and understanding personalities are all effective ways to improve disobedience in your Pokémon. With these tips, you’ll be able to train your Pokémon to be more obedient and enjoy the game more.


1. Will my Pokémon always obey me after training?

No, training takes time, and some Pokémon may take longer to recognize you as their trainer.

2. What can I do if my Pokémon is still disobedient after training?

Double-check your Pokémon’s happiness and make sure that you are using the correct commands.

3. Can bad behavior from Pokémon be corrected?

Yes, through consistent training and reward for good behavior, bad habits can be resolved.

4. Is obedience important in Pokémon games?

Yes, obedience is essential to advancing through the game and winning battles.

5. How can I check my Pokémon’s happiness?

By visiting in-game Pokémon centers or checking your Pokémon’s summary screen.

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