Breaking the Rules: Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey and What to Do About It

As a Pokemon trainer, few things are as frustrating as your Pokemon not obeying your commands. You’ve trained them, battled with them, and have a strong bond with them. So why won’t they listen when it matters most?

The answer is simple: you’re not following the rules.

When you catch a new Pokemon, it’s important to build trust with them. This means spending time with them outside of battle, feeding them and caring for them. You can even talk to them! The more time you spend together, the more your bond will grow, making it easier for your Pokemon to obey your commands in battle.

But what happens when your Pokemon still refuses to listen? The key is to understand the underlying reasons why they’re misbehaving. Here are some common reasons why Pokemon don’t obey their trainers:

1. Your Pokemon is too strong-willed

Some Pokemon are naturally more difficult to control than others. This could be due to their personality, species, or past experiences. If your Pokemon falls into this category, it will take more time and patience to train them to obey your commands.

2. You’re using the wrong command

One of the most common mistakes trainers make is using commands their Pokemon doesn’t understand. Make sure you train your Pokemon with a variety of commands that are relevant to their abilities and strengths.

3. You haven’t earned their respect

Respect is earned, not given. If your Pokemon doesn’t respect you as their trainer, they won’t obey you. Build a strong bond with your Pokemon by spending time with them outside of battles, showing them kindness and respect, and rewarding them when they do well.

So what can you do to fix the problem of disobedient Pokemon? Here are some tips that can help:

1. Train your Pokemon regularly

The more you train your Pokemon, the more they will learn to obey your commands. Make sure you’re consistently working with your Pokemon, both in and out of battle.

2. Use positive reinforcement

When your Pokemon obeys your commands, reward them with praise, treats, or a break from training. This will reinforce good behavior and make them more likely to obey in the future.

3. Be patient

Training a disobedient Pokemon takes time and patience. Don’t give up if they don’t obey your commands right away. Keep trying and remain consistent in your training.

In conclusion, training a Pokemon to obey your commands requires patience, respect, and dedication. By understanding the underlying reasons why your Pokemon misbehaves, using positive reinforcement, and regularly training them, you can build a strong bond and turn your disobedient Pokemon into a trustworthy ally.


1. How long does it take to train a disobedient Pokemon?
– The time it takes to train a disobedient Pokemon varies, depending on their personality, species, and past experiences. It could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

2. Can you use punishment to train a disobedient Pokemon?
– Punishment is not an effective way to train a disobedient Pokemon. Using positive reinforcement and building a strong bond is much more effective.

3. Is it possible that my Pokemon will never obey my commands?
– While it’s rare, some Pokemon are just too strong-willed or unpredictable to obey their trainer’s commands. However, with patience and dedication, most disobedient Pokemon can be trained to obey.

4. Can I use a different command if my Pokemon doesn’t obey the first one?
– Yes, it’s important to use commands that your Pokemon understands. If they don’t obey a specific command, try using a different one that they may better understand.

5. What are some common mistakes trainers make when training their Pokemon?
– Some common mistakes include not spending enough time with their Pokemon outside of battle, using commands they don’t understand, and not using positive reinforcement to reward good behavior.

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