Breaking the Rules: Why Some Pokemon Refuse to Obey and How to Overcome it

Breaking the Rules: Why Some Pokemon Refuse to Obey and How to Overcome it

If you are a Pokemon trainer, you know that having a well-trained and obedient team is crucial for success in battles. However, sometimes you may encounter Pokemon that refuse to listen to your commands. This can be frustrating and may even cost you battles. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why some Pokemon refuse to obey and give you tips on how to overcome this challenge.

Why Some Pokemon Refuse to Obey

1. Insufficient Gym Badges: In the Pokemon world, gym badges represent a trainer’s prowess and strength. Some Pokemon species require their trainers to have a specific number of gym badges before they can be fully obedient. For example, a Charmander may not obey commands if its trainer has less than three gym badges. This can create a challenge for new trainers who are just starting their journey.

2. Low Friendship: Friendship between a Pokemon and its trainer is crucial. If the Pokemon does not trust or respect its trainer, it may refuse to obey commands. This is why it is essential to spend time building a strong bond with your Pokemon through battles, grooming, and feeding.

3. High Level Pokemon: Pokemon that are at a higher level than their trainer may sometimes refuse to obey commands. This happens as a way of showing dominance, and the Pokemon may feel they do not need to listen to their trainers since they are already so powerful.

4. Opposing Nature: Every Pokemon has a unique nature that affects their behavior. Some may be naturally rebellious, making them harder to train and command. However, with time and patience, even these Pokemon can become loyal and obedient to their trainers.

How to Overcome this Challenge

1. Increase Your Gym Badge Count: As previously mentioned, some Pokemon species require a certain number of gym badges before they can follow commands. If this is the case with your disobedient Pokemon, work on obtaining more gym badges to increase your training level.

2. Increase Friendship Levels: Spend time with your Pokemon outside of battle. Groom them, take them on walks, and give them their favorite treats to increase friendship levels. This will help your disobedient Pokemon gain trust and respect for you.

3. Use the right items: Some items, such as the Soothe Bell, can increase the friendship levels of your Pokemon. Others like the Exp. Share, can help you level up your low-level Pokemon quickly, making it easier for them to follow commands.

4. Train Often: The more you battle and train your Pokemon, the stronger your bond will become. Make sure to train your disobedient Pokemon regularly by participating in battles and practicing different techniques.

5. Consider Using Blessing and Cursing: Blessing is the act of praising and rewarding your Pokemon for obeying commands, while cursing is the act of scolding and punishing them for disobedience. However, it is crucial to use a proper balance of both methods so that your Pokemon does not feel mistreated or ignored.


In conclusion, disobedient Pokemon can be a challenge for trainers, but with patience and persistence, it is possible to overcome this obstacle. Remember to use different techniques, such as increasing gym badges, friendship levels, and using the right items to increase obedience. Most importantly, spend time with your Pokemon, and cultivate a strong bond of trust and respect. With these tips, you will have a loyal and obedient team that can take on any challenge.


1. Is disobedience a common problem among Pokemon?

Yes, disobedience is a common problem among Pokemon, especially high-level and naturally rebellious species. However, with proper training and bonding, disobedience can be overcome.

2. What are the consequences of disobedient Pokemon in battles?

Disobedience can lead to lost battles and even loss of respect among other trainers. It is crucial to work on gaining obedience from your Pokemon to ensure success in battles.

3. Can disobedient Pokemon become loyal and obedient?

Yes, with enough time and patience, disobedient Pokemon can become loyal and obedient to their trainers.

4. Can items help increase obedience in Pokemon?

Yes, some items such as the Soothe Bell and Exp. Share can help increase friendship levels and make it easier for disobedient Pokemon to follow commands.

5. How crucial is the bond between a Pokemon and its trainer in obedience?

The bond between a Pokemon and its trainer is crucial for obedience. If a Pokemon does not trust or respect its trainer, it may refuse to obey commands no matter how many gym badges or how high its level.

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