Breaking the Rules: Why Some Pokemon Refuse to Obey (And How to Fix It)

Title: Breaking the Rules: Why Some Pokemon Refuse to Obey (And How to Fix It)

Do you ever wonder why your Pokemon sometimes refuse to obey your commands during battles? It’s a common frustration that trainers experience, but little is known about why it happens.

In this article, we’re going to explore the reasons behind disobedient Pokemon and offer solutions to fix the problem.

The Bond Between Trainer and Pokemon

Before we dive into the reasons for disobedience, it’s important to understand the bond between trainers and their Pokemon. A strong bond of trust and respect between a trainer and their Pokemon can create a powerful synergy that leads to victories in battles. However, if a trainer and their Pokemon haven’t developed a strong bond, issues with disobedience can arise.

Reasons for Disobedience

1. Lack of Experience
Similar to humans, Pokemon can struggle with tasks they’re not experienced in. Underdeveloped moves, weak stats, or a lack of training can lead to disobedience. If a Pokemon is continually failing to execute a command, it may lose confidence in itself, causing it to disobey.

Solution: Spend time training your Pokemon and focus on developing its moves and stats. Encourage it after a success and provide constructive feedback after a failure. By building up its capabilities and self-esteem, you’ll create a stronger bond of trust.

2. Loyalty to the Previous Trainer
When a Pokemon is caught, it has a loyalty to its previous trainer that can be hard to break. This can cause disobedience when trying to command that Pokemon to battle with a new, unfamiliar trainer.

Solution: Spend time building trust with your new Pokemon. Train it in controlled environments before entering battle, this way it can get used to your commands and fighting alongside you.

3. High-Level Pokemon
As a trainer, catching high-leveled Pokemon is an achievement to be proud of. However, high-level Pokemon come with a downside: disobedience. High-level Pokemon aren’t used to taking commands from a new trainer — they may become disobedient if they think the trainer is weaker than them.

Solution: High-level Pokemon require patience and understanding. They need time to adjust to your commands, so spend time building a strong bond with them. Don’t rush them into battles they may not be ready for.

4. Inconsistent Commands
Disobedience can occur if a trainer has not been consistent with their commands. If a command is repeated continually and not reinforced with a reward, a Pokemon will become reluctant to follow commands.

Solution: To prevent disobedience, commands have to be crisp and unambiguous with a positive reinforcement (e.g., treats). Use simple commands and reinforce it with positive feedback (verbal or treats) every time the Pokemon does what you’ve asked it to do.


Disobedience from Pokemon can be frustrating for trainers. By understanding the reasons behind disobedience, you can begin to address them and build a strong bond between yourself and your Pokemon. If you concentrate on building up your Pokemon’s confidence, experience, and trust, disobedience will be much less of an issue.


1. Why do some Pokemon refuse to obey commands?
Some Pokemon may refuse to obey due to lack of experience, loyalty to previous trainers, high-level status, and inconsistent commands.

2. How do I prevent disobedience in my Pokemon team?
Ensure you build a strong bond of trust with your Pokemon, spend time building its experience and self-esteem, use clear and concise commands followed by positive reinforcement, and don’t rush into battles too quickly.

3. Will all Pokemon eventually obey commands?
Disobedience with Pokemon takes patience and time. A strong bond with your Pokemon will lead to obedience over time.

4. How can I train my Pokemon effectively?
Training your Pokemon involves building up its experience and self-esteem, understanding its capabilities, and providing constructive feedback. Consistency and patience are key.

5. What should I do if my Pokemon continues to disobey despite training?
If all else fails, you may need to take a break and seek the help of a professional Pokemon Trainer to get them back on track.

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