Breaking the Rules: When Pokemon Don’t Obey – How to Train and Control Your Team

Title: Breaking the Rules: When Pokemon Don’t Obey – How to Train and Control Your Team

As a skilled Pokemon trainer, you might have come across situations where your loyal team suddenly refuses to obey your command. This can be a frustrating experience, but it is not uncommon in the world of Pokemon training. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind disobedience and how to train and control your Pokemon team effectively.

Section 1: Understanding Disobedience in Pokemon Training
Disobedience in Pokemon training occurs when a Pokemon refuses to follow its trainer’s command, often due to its nature, personality, or bond with its trainer. It can be a result of the trainers’ lack of loyalty, their contradictory orders or lack of training. Understanding why disobedience occurs can help trainers to develop ways to prevent it from happening.

Section 2: The Importance of Bonding and Respect
One of the reasons why Pokemon might disobey is because the trainer has not developed a strong bond with them, or the trainers are not respecting their Pokemon. Bonding time, such as playing and feeding, can help trainers connect with their Pokemon. Respect should also be shown to the Pokemon by not forcing them to battle, allowing them to rest when they need it, and not overworking them.

Section 3: Training Techniques for Better Control
Pokemon training requires patience, consistency, and repetition. To train a team to follow commands, trainers should start by working with one Pokemon at a time. Training should begin with simple commands that the Pokemon can easily understand, such as “Attack” or “Come here.” The use of treats and positive reinforcements can also encourage compliance. Repeat training regularly to build up compliance and repetition.

Section 4: Dealing with Disobedience
Even the best-trained Pokemon can disobey at times. When your Pokemon disobeys, it is essential to assess the situation and avoid punishing them. Instead, it’s better to understand the reason for the disobedience to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Section 5: The Benefits of a Compliant Team
Having a compliant Pokemon team comes with several benefits. Trainers can win more battles and increase their chances of earning badges, using items and evolving their Pokemon. A compliant team also means happier and healthier Pokemon, where trainers can avoid running them into the ground.

Effective Pokemon training requires patience, respect, and consistency to build strong bonds with your team. Always avoid punishing your Pokemon and instead focus on understanding and learning from their disobedience. Remember that a well-trained, loyal and compliant team can go a long way in your Pokemon journey.


1. What Can Cause Pokemon to Disobey?
Disobedience in Pokemon training can be a result of personality, nature, and lack of loyalty or respect from their trainers.

2. How to Train a Disobedient Pokemon Team?
Start by working with one Pokemon at a time, using repetitive training techniques with positive reinforcements.

3. What Should We Do When Our Pokemon Disobeys?
Assess the problem, understand the reason behind the disobedience, and avoid punishing them. Instead, focus on improving your training approach.

4. What Are the Benefits of a Compliant Pokemon Team?
A compliant team can lead to winning more battles, earning more badges and items and having happier, healthier Pokemon.

5. Can Disobedience be Fully Prevented in Pokemon Training?
Disobedience can occur in the world of Pokemon due to the Pokemon’s nature and bond with their trainer. However, developing strong bonds, showing respect and consistent training can reduce the frequency of disobedience.

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